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Photosensitivity and Photomodification

2011 Glass & Optical Materials Division Spring Meeting

This session will cover topics involving light-induced structural modifications in amorphous solids. Optically induced processes can provide the basis for significant modification in structure and associated material properties/processes, including physical, chemical, electrical, and optical behavior. These include but are not limited to femtosecond-laser-writing in silicates, photostructural effects in chalcogenides, photo-reactivity in polymeric glasses, photo-ablation, and others. Topics pertaining to light-matter interactions, whether beneficial and intended such as photo-patterning or detrimental and unintended such as photo-degradation are of interest. Contributions on the experimental and theoretical aspects of these topics are encouraged for this session.


Pierre Lucas, University of Arizona, USA

Kathleen Richardson, Clemson University, USA


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