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ICACC’10 Award & Plenary Speakers


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Hua-Tay Lin

Hua-Tay Lin

2010 James I. Mueller Award
Dr. Hua-Tay Lin
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Title: Mechanical Reliability: Critical for Successful Application of Ceramics


Biography: Dr. Hua-Tay Lin, Distinguished R&D staff member, Group Lead of Ceramic Science and Technology Group, Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is currently focusing researches on mechanical reliability of ceramic components and electronic devices, high-temperature mechanical performance of ceramics and composites, high-temperature steam effects on mechanical reliability of ceramics and environmental barrier coating systems, and engineering of microstructure and properties of ceramics and composites, and coatings. He has served as a PI on numerous programs sponsored by DOE’s Office of Distributed Energy, Office of Electricity Distribution Reliability and Transmission, Office of Transportation Technologies, Office of Industrial Technologies, and Office of Power Technologies with frequent collaborations with researchers at institution in the U. S., Japan, Korea, and Europe. Dr. Lin is the pass Chair of the Engineering Ceramics Division of the American Ceramic Society. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology. He is a Fellow of The American Ceramic Society.¬†Dr. Lin holds a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, and a B.S. in Physics from National Central University, Taiwan.



Walter Krenkel

Walter Krenkel

2010 Bridge Building Award
Prof. Walter Krenkel

University of Bayreuth, Department for Ceramic Materials Engineering 
Title: Ceramic Matrix Composites for Lightweight Construction


Biography: Walter Krenkel is Professor and holds the Chair of the Department Ceramic Materials Engineering at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. He received his Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Aerospace from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He worked as Research Associate and Head of Department at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Stuttgart from 1985 to 2004. He was involved in the development of ceramic matrix composites for thermal protection systems of spacecraft and terrestrial applications. He joined the University of Bayreuth in 2004 and established and heads the Fraunhofer Group Ceramic Composites in Bayreuth since 2006. Professor Krenkel’s research interests are in structural ceramics and are focused on the development and qualification of CMCs and other novel ceramics for their use in lightweight structures. He invented the liquid silicon infiltration process for the manufacture of SiC-based ceramics for disks and pads in high performance brake systems. He holds 30 patents worldwide, is author of more than 120 papers and edited several books. He received several awards, including the Karl-Heinz-Beckurts Prize for outstanding scientific-technical activities in 2002. Since 2000 Krenkel is member of the Division Engineering Science of The American Ceramic Society and was elected Fellow of ACerS in 2007. He served as Associate Editor of the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology until 2009.



Kunihito Koumoto

Kunihito Koumoto

Plenary Speaker
Prof. Kunihito Koumoto
Nagoya University
Dept. of Applied Chemistry
Title: Nanostructuring Approach to Explore High-Efficiency Thermoelectric Materials


Biography: Professor Kunihito Koumoto is a professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry at Nagoya University. He earned his Ph.D. in the Department of Industrial Chemistry at The University of Tokyo in 1979. He has also been a professor in the Department of Molecular Design and Engineering and the Department of Applied Chemistry at Nagoya University. His research interests include materials science, solid state chemistry, thermoelectric materials, bio-inspired synthesis of inorganic materials, and nanomaterials. He most recently was awarded the MEXT Minister Award in Science and Technology (2008) and has also been recognized as the Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics (2006). In addition to his many awards, he won the Komoh Thermal Technology Promotion Award in 2006. Professor Koumoto’s achievements include publishing 315 SCI Journal papers and 46 books. He currently holds 35 patents and has presented 140 invited talks at academic and technical meetings. Professor Koumoto is the former President of the International Thermoelectric Society (2003 – 2005), is active in The Ceramic Society of Japan, and is a Fellow in The American Ceramic Society.



Javier Llorca

Javier Llorca

Plenary Speaker

Prof. Javier Llorca

Polytechnic University of Madrid and Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies of Materials (IMDEA-materials), Department of Materials Science

Title: On the Quest of Engineering Ceramics for Very High Temperature Structural Applications


Biography: Prof. Javier Llorca is currently head of the research group on “Advanced Structural Materials and Nanomaterials” at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Director of Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies of Materials (IMDEA-Materials). His research activity has been focused in the analysis of the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties in advanced structural materials. In particular, he has developed novel multiscale simulation strategies to predict the macroscopic mechanical behavior of materials from microstructural information as well as experimental characterization techniques to measure mechanical properties of materials under extreme conditions at microscopic and macroscopic levels. Prof. Llorca has held positions as invited professor at Brown and Cornell University and has received various awards, including the Research Award from the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences and the Gold Medal from the Spanish Structural Integrity Society. He graduated in Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1983. He got his Ph.D. in Materials Science at the same institution in 1986 and was appointed Associate Professor in the Department of Materials Science in 1987 and Professor in 1995.



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