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40th Jubilee Symposium: Engineered Ceramics—Current Status and Future Prospects

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As one of several events for the celebration of this anniversary, a special 40th Jubilee Symposium is being organized. This all-invited presentation symposium will feature previous ECD Mueller and Bridge Building Award winners, past and current ECD officers, and past ICACC plenary speakers.


Speakers will deliver presentations on current status and future prospects of various technical topics related to advanced ceramics and composites as well as the 40-year journey of ceramics and composites from Cocoa Beach to Daytona Beach.


We hope this symposium will serve as a global stage for exchange of information on the latest technologies of engineered ceramics and facilitate open dialogue and discussion with leading experts for the next generation.


Proposed Session Topics


• Current trends and future directions for research and technology on engineering ceramics


• Challenges and prospects for various ceramic technologies


• Energy and environmental issues and role of ceramics


• New strategies and technologies for sustainable and self- sufficient solutions


• Engineered ceramics for sustainable development


• Global environmental issues and standards


• Ceramic education, training and knowledge management



Symposium Organizers


• Tatsuki Ohji, AIST, Japan; t-ohji@aist.go.jp


• Mrityunjay Singh, Ohio Aerospace Institute, USA; mrityunjay.singh-1@nasa.gov


• James W. McCauley, ARL/Johns Hopkins University, USA


• Alexander Michaelis, Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany


• Donald J. Bray, Morgan Advanced Materials Composites and Defense Systems, USA


• Stuart Hampshire, University of Limerick, Ireland


• Glenn N. Pfendt, A.O. Smith Protective Coatings Div., USA


• Sujanto Widjaja, Corning Incorporated, USA


• Jose Arana Varela, Sao Paulo Research Foundation, Brazil


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