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Student Presentation Awards: Oral and Poster

Each year at the Electronic Materials and Applications (EMA) meeting, the Electronics Division presents best student presentation awards in two categories: best oral presentations and best poster presentations.  First, second and third place awards are presented in each category.  


The awards consist of $250, $150 and $100 for first, second and third places, respectively, and a certificate. In the event that there is more than one author, the award is given to the main author of the presentation. 


List of Recipients:


Best posters:
First place – Jonathan Mackey, Case Western Reserve University, for “Analytic Thermoelectric Device Optimization”

Second place – Ali Henriques, University of Florida, for “Structural changes in Lead Zirconate Titanate due to High Neutron Radiation Exposure”

Third place – Michelle Nolan, University of Florida, for “Phase equilibria, crystallographic structure, and piezoelectric properties of tetragonal Pb(1-1.5x)SmxZr(1-y)TiyO3”

Best oral presentations:

First place – Chris Shelton, North Carolina State University, for “Control of ZnO thin film polarity through interface chemistry”

Second place – Tedi-Marie Usher, University of Florida, for “Domain wall motion and electric-field-induced strains in NBT-xBT solid solutions from in situ neutron diffraction”

Third place – Jon Bock, the Pennsylvania State University, for “The Influence, Role, and Property Variations in Ferroelectricity at the Edge of the Metal-Insulator Transition and Its Influence on Thermoelectric Properties”


Best poster: Elena Aksel, Univerity of Flsorida, for “Crystal Structure and Phase Transitions in Chemically Modified Sodium Bismuth Titanate”

Best oral presentation:
Cassandra Llano, University of Florida, for “Development and Implementation of a Polarization and Strain Measurement System”




Best poster: not awarded in 2011

Best oral presentation:
Elena Aksel, University of Florida, for “Sodium Bismuth Titanate – Resolving Structural Contradictions”



Best poster: Jin Woo Jung, Hoseo University, South Korea, for “Development of AZO-based Transparent, Thin Film Transistors on Transparent Structures”

Best oral presentation:
Beverly B. Hinojosa, University of Florida, for “Developing the Link Between Atomic Structure and Macroscopic Properties of Cubic Pyrochlores”




Best poster: not awarded in 2009

Best oral presentation:
Anderson Prewitt, University of Florida for “Effects of Field & Temperature During Poling on the Ferroelectric Properties of Lead Zirconate Titanate”



Best poster: Christopher T. Shelton, Oregon State University for “Epitaxial Piezoelectric Thin Films on Flexible Substrates”


Best oral presentation: Vivek Tomer, Penn State University for “Induced Anisotropy in Electrically Modified Polymer/Ceramic Nano-composites”



Best oral presentation: Mark D. Losego, North Carolina State University, for “Engineering Oxide Interfaces to Gallium Nitride by Molecular Beam Epitaxy”



Best poster: Weiqun Chen, University of California, Davis, for “Energetics of Cerium-Zirconium Substitution in the xCe0.8Y0.2O1.9-(1-x)Ze0.8 Y0.2O1.9 System”


Best oral presentation: Meagen A. Gillispie, Iowa State University, for “Crystal Chemistry and Electrical Properties of Delafossite Compounds”



Best poster: Yusuke Tohdo, Nagoya Institute of Technology, for “Crystal Structur analusis of Homologous Compounds ALa4Ti4O15 and its Microwave Dielectric Properties”


Best oral presentation: Niall J. Donnelly, Pennsylvania State University, for “Investigation of Nonlinear and Relaxation Phenomena in PMN-0.07PT Films Under Large AC Field”





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