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Materials Science Kit



Order a Materials Science Kit for your classroom today for only $80!


Check out what’s included  

Teach a broad range of materials science and engineering concepts to your 7-12th grade students with Materials Science kits. Each kit includes most of the essential materials needed to perform the experiments as well as a comprehensive set of lesson documents consisting of instructions, discussion questions, and sample data sheets. Lessons teach STEM fundamentals of the basic classes of materials: ceramics, metals, polymers and composites.


Student Lab Kit Contents                       Teacher Demo Kit Contents


Download kit summary and its Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This document breaks down each lesson in terms of the NGSS standards and provides a short description of how each applicable standard could be applied to the lesson. 


Teacher demonstration kit and lessons  

Teacher Demonstration Kit contains 5 lessons that are designed for the teacher to perform with assistance from students. Demo lessons included:

  1. Hot or Not:  ceramics demo that illustrates that materials can be designed to withstand very high temperatures by using a ceramic refractory brick to simulate the behavior of a space shuttle tile as it passes through Earth’s atmosphere 
  2. Candy Fiber Pull:  ceramics demo that demonstrates the unique properties of glass by examining the solid-liquid and liquid-solid transitions of a glass-like system by melting and cooling Jolly Ranchers
  3. Piezoelectric Materials:  general demo that demonstrates the piezoelectric effect that many materials exhibit by examining a piezoelectric ceramic disk and polymer film
  4. Making Plastic:  polymer demo that demonstrates the design and process of forming a polymer by making a homemade plastic from milk and vinegar that can be molded into many different shapes
  5. Shape Memory Alloy:  metals demo that indicates how motion of atoms under added heat can change the shape of metals by subjecting a shape memory alloy wire and a typical metal wire to thermal treatments
Student laboratory kit and lessons  

Student Laboratory Kit contains 5 lessons that are designed for students to perform in small groups. Lab lessons included:

  1. Glass Bead on a Wire:  ceramics lab that demonstrates that glass can be a ‘phase of matter’ rather than a particular material and examines the ability of glasses to absorb other ions during thermal treatment by having students perform a borax bead test
  2. Engineered Concrete – How Would You Design a Composite?:  composites lab that demonstrates how preparation (design) of a material can affect the final material properties by having students ‘engineer’ a plain Portland cement paste and a cement paste containing a reinforcement item of their choice
  3. Thermal Processing of Bobby Pins:  metals lab that demonstrates the difference that processing, especially thermal processing, can have on the properties of a material by having students anneal and quench bobby pins and test them in flexure against a control bobby pin
  4. Happy Ball – Sad Ball:  polymer lab that demonstrates property dependence on temperature and material structure by having students examine 2 balls that are identical in color, size, and texture, but have different material properties at different temperatures
  5. Chocolate Strength – How Strong is Your Chocolate?:  general lab that demonstrates how material properties, such as microstructure, can influence the strength of a material by having students test the ‘strength’ of different types of chocolate bars
Get your kit sponsored  

Trying to figure out how to get a kit into your classroom with only limited financial resources? Use our sponsor letter template to ask a local company to donate a kit  to your classroom. All you need to do is fill in your information, and send it. Remember to contact Tricia Freshour with any questions.


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 Student Laboratory Kit – $80                       Teacher Demonstration Kit – $80



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Student Laboratory Kit – $80                       Teacher Demonstration Kit – $80




Kit prices include the cost of shipping within the United States. Shipping prices for individuals and companies outside the United States, including Canada and Mexico, are in addition to the cost for each kit. If you are located outside the United States and are interested in purchasing a kit, please contact Tricia Freshour for a shipping quote. Kits are shipped within 30 days after order is placed.


For more information, contact Tricia Freshour by email or by phone at +1-614-794-5827.


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