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ACerS Student Activities Committee (SAC)

The Student Activities Committee (SAC) is focused on student-driven and student-centered supplemental activities (competitions, awards, outreach, and so on).


Student Activities Committee (SAC) Responsibilities:

  1. Serve on the Material Advantage Committee (MAC)
  2. Work with partner entities to develop new and coordinate ongoing meetings-focused student activities (e.g., design competitions, ASM materials camps, speaking contests, poster contests)
  3. Mentor and support ACerS’ PCSA in organizing plant tours, lodging/travel sharing, demo kits, and other items
  4. Suggested tasks—Develop student-activity guides for each ACerS-sponsored meeting
  5. Reporting: The SAC is a subcommittee of the Education Integration Committee (EIC) and the SAC reports to the ACerS Board of Directors through the ACerS EIC (the committee members on the ACerS SAC also serve on the MAC)


The SAC organizes several education-related activities, including the following student contests at MS&T each year.


Student Speaking Contest

The purpose of the Student Speaking Contest is to encourage undergraduate students to present technical papers and to improve their skills in the techniques of presentation. All schools and departments are allowed one entry in the Student Speaking Contest at MS&T. The student must be a Material Advantage Student Member. Each entrant will be the winner of a local speaking contest. The presentation subject must be technical but can relate to any aspect of materials science and engineering. Each entrant will receive a partial transportation allowance to MS&T. The contestant must participate in the semifinals and finals (if selected) at MS&T to fulfill an obligation for accepting the transportation allowance. Prizes to be awarded in addition to the transportation allowance include, (i) a cash award of $200 to the winner; (ii) a cash award of $100 to the First runner-up, and (iii) a cash award of $50 to two (2) Second runners-up.


Deadline to report National Contestants: To be determined


Student Speaking Contest Rules (PDF)


For more information, contact Tricia Freshour or by phone at +1-614-794-5827.


Graduate Student Poster Contest

The purpose of the contest, open to graduate students who will have received M.S. or Ph.D. degrees within six months of MS&T, is to recognize superior research performed during graduate study. First, second and third place prizes are given in the amounts of $250, $150 and $100, respectively. Recognition will be given to the winner at the Student Awards Ceremony during MS&T. Entries are made by submitting a poster abstract through the MS&T Call for Papers, and the participating posters will be displayed in the general poster session.


Deadline to submit graduate poster abstracts: March 16, 2015


Poster authors must be accepted in the general poster session to be eligible for the contest. For more information, contact Tricia Freshour or by phone at +1-614-794-5827.


Undergraduate Student Poster Contest

The purpose of this contest is to encourage undergraduate students to present their undergraduate research experiences and to improve their communication skills. The poster entered must be the work of an undergraduate and completed during the undergraduate education of the student. The work presented in the poster does not have to be performed at the student’s home institution, but could be, for example, from a project performed as part of a co-op experience, a summer internship, or a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) project.


First, second and third places will be given in the amounts of $500, $250, and $100 respectively. Two $50 honorable mentions will also be given. Recognition will be given to the winners at the Student Awards Ceremony during MS&T. Entries will be displayed at a time and location to be designated by the organizers.

All Material Advantage Student Members are eligible to enter the contest. To enter the poster contest, submit your name, title of poster, and an abstract of no more than 100 words via email to Tricia Freshour.


Deadline for undergraduate poster entries: To be determined


2014-2015 Student Activities Committee (SAC) Members

Edmund Moore

Wright Patterson AFB


Marissa Reigel

Savannah River National Laboratory


Claire Weiss Brennan

Army Research Laboratory


Valerie Wiesner

NASA Glenn Research Center









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