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Basic Science Division Tutorial

Defect chemistry in perovskite ceramics and its impact on materials processing and properties


In functional ceramics, the defect chemistry is of outstanding importance for the materials properties. For example, the electric or ion conductivity of ceramics is governed by point defects. But, other effects—ferroelectricity and optical properties—are impacted by defects, and microstructural evolution is closely linked to defect chemistry. However, because many applications of functional ceramics involve polycrystalline materials, a deep understanding of the bulk defect chemistry needs to be extended to the existence of charged interfaces and space charge at interfaces.


This tutorial gives a comprehensive introduction to the defect chemistry of functional ceramics in general and perovskites in particular.  The reasons for the existence of charged interfaces and space charge and its interplay with defect chemistry are reviewed. Finally, the impact of these concepts on materials properties and processing is highlighted. The talks illustrate the most important tools in this field and give examples for their application.


Tutorial organizers

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