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SYMPOSIUM 10: Interfacial Phenomena in Multifunctional Heterostructures: From Theory to Transport Processes



Physics and chemistry of interfaces between solids has been an intense area of research with both important scientific and technological relevance. This symposium will address the latest and exciting developments in the fundamental research and understanding of interfacial phenomena between multifunctional materials – from theory, synthesis, characterization, thermodynamic and transport property measurements. Some of the typical investigations of interest will include structure-composition-physical property correlations for interfaces and surfaces, correlation effects, and effects of low dimensionality. The material systems of interest range from emerging materials systems such as complex oxides, and layered dichalcogenides to conventional metals and semiconducting materials. This symposium will bring together scientists and engineers from academia, national labs and industry to discuss the current status and the future outlook for research into interfaces between multifunctional materials and how this understanding will enable a variety applications ranging from electronics to energy. 


Proposed Sessions

  • Development of theoretical techniques to understand interfacial phenomena (ionic, covalent, and van der Waals bonded solids)
  • Synthesis of heterostructures and superlattices of new materials
  • Physical and chemical properties of oxide interfaces
  • Heterostructures of van der Waals bonded transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Electrical and optical properties of layered chalcogenide heterostructures
  • Interface sensitive characterization methods for heterostructures and superlattices




Jayakanth Ravichandran, University of Southern California, jayakanr@usc.edu

Bharat Jalan, University of Minnesota, bjalan@umn.edu

Dillon Fong, Argonne National Laboratory, fong@anl.gov

Anderson Janotti, University of Delaware, janotti@udel.edu

Roger De Souza, RWTH Aachen, Germany, desouza@pc.rwth-aachen.de



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