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SYMPOSIUM 3: Ceramic Photonic Materials and Applications



This symposium focuses on an emerging field of ceramic based-photonic materials including but not limited to optoelectronics, transparent ceramics, photonic crystals and structures, and plasmonic materials.  In the field of optoelectronic technology, transparent electronics is an emerging field concentrated on producing invisible electronic circuits and optoelectronic devices for a wide range of applications. The lack of integrated light sources is considered to be one of the main obstacles preventing the integration of Silicon photonics. Therefore, the development of an efficient silicon-based on-chip light source is an important goal for advancing integrated silicon photonics. In addition, polycrystalline transparent ceramics are considered to have significant potential as a unique and versatile alternative to current optical glass and single-crystal materials for scintillators, solid-state lasers, nonlinear optics, and other optoelectronic components. The symposium is aimed at providing a forum for researchers, students, and entrepreneurs to present and discuss their recent scientific results on a wide variety of topics related to the science and engineering issues associated with ceramic photonic materials and devices.



Proposed Sessions

  • Optoelectronic materials
  • Nanoelectronic materials and processing
  • Ceramic laser materials
  • Functional transparent materials
  • Optofunctional crystal materials
  • Ceramic based plasmonic materials
  • Ceramic based photonic materials
  • Inorganic scintillation detectors
  • Modeling and theory-based computation




Yiquan Wu, Alfred University, wuy@alfred.edu

Haiyan Wang, Texas A&M University

Changzhi Gu, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Liangbi Su, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Akio Ikesue, World-lab Corp, Japan


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