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Session 4: Sciences and applications of optical ceramics and glass-ceramics



Glass-ceramic and optical ceramic materials are emerging as a highly promising alternative to single-crystal materials for potential use in a wide range of optical and photonic applications. This session will provide a forum for researchers, students, and entrepreneurs to present and discuss their recent scientific results on a wide variety of topics related to science and engineering issues associated with glass-ceramic and optical ceramic materials. A particular emphasis will be placed on the fundamental issues to advance our understanding and utilization of glass-ceramics and optical ceramics and related devices. Session topics include science of transparent glasses and ceramics, novel processing, scintillators and spectroscopy, laser materials, modeling, and theory computation. Proposed topics are listed.


  • Science of optical transparent materials
  • Ceramic scintillators and spectroscopy
  • Transparent laser ceramics and glass
  • Modeling and theory computation
  • Infrared transparent materials for lenses and windows
  • Processing of infrared ceramics, glass, and single crystals
  • Ceramics and glass for radiation detection
  • Novel radiation detecting glass, ceramic materials
  • Detector materials for PET, X-ray tomography
  • Storage phosphors for medical imaging
  • Ceramic and glass-ceramic scintillators



Yiquan Wu, Alfred University

Xiang-hua Zhang, Université de Rennes I, France

John S. McCloy, Washington State University



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