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S1. Computational and data sciences for 21st century ceramics research

According to the vision of the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI), the integration of modeling and data tools with experiment is the cornerstone of a materials innovation infrastructure for accelerating the discovery of advanced ceramics and materials in general. This symposium invites scientists and engineers to discuss the latest progress of computational modeling and data informatics and their role in advancing ceramics research in the 21st century within the MGI framework. We welcome research talks on the development of a broad range of modeling, data generation, and informatics methodology and their application to the study of structure, processing to functionality of ceramic materials, and beyond. Work with a strong connection to experiment is of particular interest.


Proposed session topics

  • High-throughput computing, data mining, and materials informatics
  • Theoretical and computational investigation of interfaces in materials: structure; properties; and evolution
  • Multiscale modeling of materials for energy storage and conversion
  • Ferroelectric, multiferroic, and other functional ceramics
  • Modeling of novel materials-processing methods, such as additive manufacturing and colloidal self-assembly


Symposium organizers

Invited Speakers

  • Raymundo Arroyave, Texas A&M
  • Richard LeSar, Iowa State

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