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ICG 2019 Technical Program


Symposia and Sessions  


S. I Glass Structure and Chemistry
  Session 1: Definition of Network Formers and Network Modifiers (ICG TC03 & TC26)
  Session 2: Glass and Melt: Macroscopic Properties and Structure of Melt at High Temperature (ICG TC03 & TC26)
  Session 3: Metallic Glasses
  Session 4: Chalcogenide Glass Structure and Chemistry
  Session 5: Borate Glasses
  Session 6: Phosphate Glasses
  Session 7: Silicate Glass Structure
  Session 8: Crystallization of Glasses and Glass-Ceramics (ICG TC07)
  Session 9: Sol Gel Glasses
  Session 10: Metal-Organic Framework Glasses
  Session 11: Glass-Organic Adhesion
S. II Glass Physics
  Session 1: Glass Transition and Relaxation 
  Session 2: Nucleation, Crystallization, and Phase Separation 
  Session 3: Glass under Extreme Conditions 
  Session 4: Topological Constraint Theory of Glass 
  Session 5: Modeling and Simulation (ICG TC27)
  Session 6: Glass Surfaces (ICG TC19)
  Session 7: Mean-Field and Low-Dimensional Theories of Glasses 
  Session 8: Optical Properties of Glass 
  Session 9: Strength, Fracture, and the Mechanical Properties of Glasses (ICG TC06)
  Session 10: Acoustic Properties of Glass 
  Session 11: Thermal Properties of Glass 
  Session 12: Electromagnetic Properties of Glass 
S. III Glass Technology and Manufacturing
  Session 1: Raw Materials, Batch Melting, and Fining (TC18)
  Session 2: Glass Furnace Operation and Design (TC21)
  Session 3: Glass-Refractory Interactions
  Session 4: Glass Forming Operations
  Session 5: Towards Carbon-Free Glass Production
  Session 6: Glass Recycling and Sustainability
  Session 7: 3D Printing of Glass and Rapid Prototyping
S. IV Emerging Applications of Glass
  Session 1: Energy and Environmental Aspects – Fundamentals and Application
  Session 2: Glass in Healthcare (TC04)
  Session 3: Glass-Based Integrated Optics
  Session 4: Glass in Sensor Technology
  Session 5: Glass for Buildings and Transportation
  Session 6: Glass and Glass-Ceramics for Packaging and Sealing
  Session 7: Photosensitive Glasses and Glass-Ceramics
  Session 8: Glass for Nuclear Waste Immobilization (TC05)
  Session 9: Quantum Dots and Nanocrystals in Glasses
  Session 10: Glass Materials and Devices for Photonic Systems (TC20)
  Session 11: Fiberglass (TC28)
  Session 12: Multimaterial Fibers
  Session 13: Open Session on Glasses for Pharma (TC12)
S. V Glass Education (TC23)
S. VI Archaeometry (TC17) 
S. VII Arun K. Varshneya Festschrift


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