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JACerS is seeking an Editor-in Chief

Editor-in Chief

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Overview: The Editor-in-Chief (EIC) is the principal architect of the scientific content of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society (JACerS).  The EIC is an active scientist, well-known and respected his/her discipline. The EIC will actively solicit the best science from the best scientists to be published in JACerS. Working with JACerS editors/associate editors (i.e., editors) and The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) and Wiley publications staff, the EIC is the arbiter of JACerS’ content and grows its impact world-wide. Among other functions, the EIC is responsible for:

  1. Acting as an ambassador to the author/editor/reviewer/scientist The EIC will be the public voice of JACerS and will exercise that voice through activities at conferences, via social media, and through interactions with the broader materials community. The EIC will
  • actively promote JACerS to the relevant community;
  • actively solicit manuscripts (e.g., feature articles, review articles, etc.) from leading practitioners in order to facilitate the publication of breakthrough and innovative science;
  • partner with ACerS staff, journal editors, the ACerS Publications Committee and ACerS members to extend the reputation of JACerS;
  • participate in conferences, public discussions, and ACerS events; and
  • work with publications staff to create marketing objectives to attract high impact authors and help the scientific community realize the value of JACerS.
  1. Establishing the content strategy for JACerS. The EIC monitors the marketplace and assures that JACerS is current state of the art in terms of EIC works with publications staff to initiate new features, new article types and original editorial content. The EIC partners with publications staff to set short- and long-term goals, objectives, and strategies for the journal. Typical items to be examined include nature and scope of the journal, features and enhancements, and author recruitment. 
  2. Leading JACerS EIC will partner with publications staff to determine editorial and review structure, set standards for turnaround times, and ensure that standards are met. The EIC will provide direction to JACerS editors and ensure that they are performing their duties effectively, including maintaining quality and processing manuscripts at an agreed upon pace.  The EIC will work with staff and Publications Committee chair to recruit and select qualified, diverse, and productive editors with appropriate expertise and representing regions of the world.
  3. Assigning and balancing work Working with staff, EIC will use Scholar One system to assign manuscripts to editors with the appropriate expertise. The EIC will monitor the workload of editors to ensure an equitable distribution of manuscripts and work with editors to reject without review unsuitable manuscripts. The EIC will process manuscripts in his/her area of expertise.  The EIC will ensure that editors understand the need to balance fast turnaround with thorough and accurate peer review and work with editors/staff to achieve those objectives.
  4. Deciding on questions of ethics. The EIC upholds the strong ethics policies of The EIC, in consultation with ACerS Publications Committee chair and publications staff, will determine whether violations are of a sufficiently serious nature to warrant actions spelled out in ACerS Publications Ethics Policy.
  5. Conducting and attending With ACerS staff, the EIC will hold periodic teleconferences with JACerS Editorial Board, conduct in-person meetings at ACerS conferences, attend meetings with the publisher, and provide reports and input to ACerS Publications Committee. The EIC will discuss the direction of the journal, ideas for improvement, technology and other innovations, and make recommendations to create a positive impact on all facets of the journal.
  6. Characteristics of Effective Editors
  • High personal/scientific standards
  • Highly respected among peers, including the international community, for his/her scientific work
  • Active in research
  • Previous editorial experience, especially in a decision-making capacity
  • Wide knowledge of subjects within scope of JACerS and those working in it
  • Enthusiastic, energetic and committed
  • Effective and positive communicator
  • Strong leader, good sense of teamwork
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse viewpoints and approaches
  • Respects confidential information
  • Cooperative and open-minded
  • Effectively resolves misunderstandings
  • Firm decision-maker
  • Promptly and effectively follows through
  • Explores and embraces innovative technologies
  • Effective partner with ACerS/Wiley staff and colleagues


The Editor-in-Chief is a part-time position.  Although this position is part of the Journal volunteer structure, the Editor-In-Chief will receive a stipend and have travel expenses reimbursed. If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a cover letter detailing you interest in the position along with your CV by October 19, 2016 to mmecklenborg@ceramics.org, 614-794-5829.



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