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S6: Critical Materials for Energy



Critical materials, or rare materials, are important components of electronic devices, instruments, defense equipment, magnets, and pollution control catalysts. Because application areas and material demands are continuously expanding, the science and engineering community needs to discuss assurance of critical materials. Reduction or substitution of critical element consumption is one current solution beyond new mining. This interdisciplinary symposium will bring together experts to exchange ideas and experiences on critical materials.


Proposed Session Topics:

  • Optical, photonic, electronic, magnetic, structural, and energy applications
  • Recycling, reduction, and substitution technology
  • Separation, refining, and materialization technology
  • Rare-earth elements
  • Exploration and mining
  • Environmental and human health issues
  • Critical material strategies and industry overview


Symposium Organizers:

  • Taek-Soo Kim, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea University of Science and Technology, Korea
  • Ryan Ott, Ames Laboratory, USA
  • Tadachika Nakayama, Nagaoka University, Japan
  • Annett Gebert, Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, Germany
  • Bum Sung Kim, Korea Institute for Rare Metals, Korea
  • Wei-Sheng Chen, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • Dudley J. Kingsnorth, Curtin University, Australia
  • Nobuhito Imanaka, Osaka University, Japan
  • Lorenzo Martínez Gómez, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico


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