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Student Membership

Are you a current student?

Material Advantage—the ACerS, AIST, ASM and TMS student program—is the premier membership for students who want to make the most out of their ceramic and materials engineering education. Any student currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution majoring in the field of materials science and engineering, or a related engineering discipline, is eligible to join Material Advantage for just $30!


Did you recently graduate? 

All Material Advantage Student Members are eligible to receive a free 12-month Associate Membership, a $120 value, following the completion of their secondary or post-secondary education. Annual Associate Membership dues are just $40 after your complimentary membership expires. Complete the application online or download it and mail or fax it to start your free year-long membership today!


Join ACerS now!   Connections for the future


Why wait? Start accessing the countless benefits and savings of ACerS/Material Advantage Student Membership today!




 Laura Burka, Graduate Student, Clemson University

“Membership in Material Advantage has provided affordable opportunities to attend conferences and build a network of student and professional contacts. Being in such a small field, it’s been helpful to have a link to other schools through fellow students with interest in ceramics.” -Laura Burka Hill, Clemson University

Membership Benefits for Students  

ACerS delivers valuable ceramic-related resources to students, helping in class and lab work and future endeavors. ACerS exclusive member benefits include:


Ready to take your involvement to the next level? If you have a strong interest in ceramics and hold strong leadership qualities, you can play an active part in the future of the ceramics profession through ACerS President’s Council of Student Advisors (PCSA). The PCSA is a student-led committee whose mission is to engage students as active and long-term leaders in the ceramics community and to increase participation in ACerS at the local and national levels. All PCSA delegates are nominated by their faculty advisors. 



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Contact Tricia Freshour for more details about Student and Associate Membership with ACerS!


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