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Mike Murray

Chief Technology Officer, Morgan Advanced Materials



Materiomics and emerging manufacturing technologies for sustainable development


Materiomics is defined as the holistic study of material systems. Materials science in itself is one of the most interdisciplinary subjects within science today and the links between physiochemical material properties and material characteristics and function are of continual focus today, and still drive many research efforts. The focus of materiomics is the interconnectivity of material functionality and behaviour, rather than an independent collection of properties. As we strive for the ultimate performance, it is the fundamental understanding of the mechanisms that exist and ultimately the link between processes, structures, and properties at multiple scales, from nano to macro.


Only through this systematic approach to understanding the building blocks of materials science can we continue to enhance and drive innovation. Innovation and growth opportunities continue at a pace within the advanced ceramics market place and the performance challenges being pushed to the material limits. We will review that while product innovation and differentiation is always important, interconnected operational and supply chain innovations lead to a more productive and profitable manufacturing company. Creating a company culture that focuses on innovating in all aspects of the business process can have a dramatic impact on the chances of success, but also productivity of the entire supply chain. 




Mike Murray is the chief technology officer for Morgan Advanced Materials plc, where he has worked in a variety of roles for the last 22 years. Morgan is a c£1bn business delivering differentiated advanced materials technologies (including ceramics, carbon, and polymeric composites) to a range of attractive growth markets. Key market sectors include petrochemical/industrial, transportation, security and defence, energy, healthcare and electronics.


Murray is a materials science engineer by training, with his Ph.D. in ceramic engineering, with both degrees obtained at the University of Birmingham in the UK. He is currently the chairman of the government funded KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) Powders Advisory Board and also sits on the Materials Sector Board to advise the UK Technology Strategy Board. In the past he has been chairman of both BSI and CEN international standards committees for advanced ceramics and has worked as a member of BSI and ASTM in development of medical device standards, and was the UK delegate at ISO TC150. As a member of the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) peer review panel, he is critically assessing the funding priorities of science in the UK and recommending research priorities to government.


Having published over 25 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings; he is regularly an invited keynote or plenary speaker for international meetings and a delegate on UK trade missions.








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