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Symposium 30: Glasses and Ceramics for Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Treatment



Glasses and ceramics are used worldwide for the safe treatment of nuclear and hazardous wastes. As nuclear energy and fuel reprocessing efforts expand, there is increasing need to generate knowledge on the processing, properties, and testing of glass and ceramic materials used in nuclear waste immobilization. Responsible environmental stewardship requires treatment and stabilization of hazardous wastes that result from industrial processes. Glass and ceramic matrices often are appropriate to immobilize such wastes. This symposium will address the use of immobilization techniques, such as vitrification, the role of cementitious materials in the stabilization of waste, and the structural integrity of vitrified and cemented waste forms. Alternative low-temperature waste forms, such as hydroceramics and geopolymers, will be considered as well as high-temperature glass composite materials, glass-ceramics, and ceramic waste forms. Recycle of industrial waste in glass and ceramic products will be discussed. Additional topics include characterization and testing techniques for waste forms, accelerated testing to assess durability, and modeling of behavior over long timescales. This symposium is endorsed by the ACerS Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division and ICG TC05.



  • Waste form design and characterization
  • Waste form performance and durability testing
  • Modeling waste form behavior in storage and disposal environments
  • Vitrification technologies, development, and implementation
  • Geopolymer, glass-ceramic, and composite waste forms
  • Cementitious materials



Kevin M. Fox, Savannah River National Laboratory, kevin.fox@srnl.doe.gov

Russell J. Hand, University of Sheffield, U.K.

Joseph V. Ryan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Nicolas Clavier, Marcoule Separation Chemistry Institute, France

Yaohiro Inagaki, Kyushu University, Japan

Cheon-Woo Kim, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company Ltd., Korea




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