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S2. Electromagnetic field effects on ceramic processing: Fundamental mechanisms and new applications

Electromagnetic fields can have considerable impact on densification and/or grain growth in ceramics, as manifested during electric-field-assisted sintering, which includes field-assisted sintering, spark plasma sintering, and flash sintering. The fundamental mechanisms of applied electric fields on grain-boundary structures, local defect distributions, space charges, mechanical stresses, and the anisotropy of transport processes are debated in the literature. This symposium seeks to assess and critically discuss the current state of knowledge of this rapidly advancing field. The focus of the presentations is on experimental and computational investigations of fundamental atomic-scale mechanisms and their implications to macroscopic  physical properties of as-processed ceramics. Topical overlap with the symposia on “Computational Studies” and “Microstructural Evolution” are expected and intended.


Proposed session topics

  • Field effects on grain-boundary configurations
  • Enhanced densification versus grain growth
  • Flash sintering
  • New materials and applications


Symposium organizers

Invited Speakers

  • Richard Todd, Oxford University
  • Gerold Schneider, Technische Universität Hamburg

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