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S3. Multiscale structure-property relationships and advanced characterization of functional ceramics

Materials characterization and modeling has evolved rapidly to address questions of structure–property relationships in multiple dimensions (2-D, 3-D, and beyond) and multiple scales (spatially and temporally) using multiple modalities (light, electron, X-ray, neutrons, etc.). However, a conscious effort is required to ensure the accomplishment of a comprehensive model for materials behavior based on the structural features present across all length and time scales. In particular, novel characterization approaches are required for materials whose atomic structures are neither truly random nor  exhibit a perfect long range order. This symposium focuses on multiscale structure–property relationships in functional ceramics and the state-of-the art imaging, analysis, characterization, and computational tools at hand to advance understanding in this area. Among the functional ceramics, featured materials that exhibit a particular necessity for a multiscale approach, namely those with an imperfect long-range order, are featured.


Proposed session topics

  • Imaging and analytical techniques
  • Multiscale structure–property relationships in electroceramics
  • Disorder–property relationships

Symposium organizers

  • David W. McComb, The Ohio State University, USA; macomb.29@osu.edu
  • Abhijit Pramanick, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; apramani@cityu.edu.hk
  • Julian Walker, Pennsylvania State University, USA; jxw512@psu.edu
  • John E Daniels, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Arno Merkle, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, USA
  • Hugh Simons, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

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