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Session 2: Crystallization in glass and its application

This session is devoted to building fundamental understanding of crystallization in glass and glass-ceramics and its application. It will cover both experimental, analytical/characterization as well as numerical/modeling aspects of nucleation and growth in glass and glass-ceramics.


Topics to be covered include, but not limited to:


  • Theoretical, simulation, and experimental studies of nucleation and crystal growth in glasses and liquids
  • The critical role of glass composition, structure, and nucleating agents on crystallization
  • Amorphous phase separation and its role in influencing crystallization
  • Novel methods and characterization techniques (ex-situ, in-situ) to understand crystallization
  • Advanced modeling and simulation techniques to elucidate crystallization
  • Properties of glass-ceramics (thermal, mechanical, electrical, optical, chemical, etc.)
  • Microstructure/property relationships in glass-ceramics
  • Applications of glass-ceramics
  • Crystallization phenomena relevant to earth and planetary sciences, including comparison of glass-ceramics to crystalline rocks in terms of mineralogy, microstructure, and properties
  • Glass forming ability of compositions and related issues
  • Crystallization phenomena in related materials





Edgar D. Zanotto, Federal University of São Carlos


Kenneth F. Kelton, Washington University


Jincheng Du, University of North Texas


Mathieu Hubert, Corning Incorporated


Indrajit Dutta, Corning Incorporated

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