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Session 4: Chalcogenide Glass Structure and Chemistry


Chalcogenide glasses are those that include S, Se, or Te, rather than O as their glass-forming backbone.  This difference in basic structural units gives chalcogenide glasses a host of structure, properties and chemistry that differ markedly from their oxide counterparts. This session will address all aspects of chalcogenide glass formation, including experimental, modeling, and theoretical development in our understanding of the glass transition and relaxation.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Structural relaxation; Viscous flow and fragility; Dynamic processes in the glass transition range; Dynamic heterogeneities; Glass-forming ability; entropy; and landscape approach.



Session Organizers


J. David Musgraves, IRqadiance Glass, USA, musgraves@irradianceglass.com


Laurent Calvez, University of Rennes, France, laurent.calvez@univ-rennes1.fr 

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