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Session 6: Glass Recycling and Sustainability


Glass is one of the most common materials in the daily life and it can be considered a “permanent material”, as it can theoretically be recycled infinite times to produce new glass without significant loss of matter. This renders glass one of the best materials for the development of a fruitful Circular Economy, with lower consumption of virgin raw materials and reduced depletion of natural resources. The recycling of crushed waste glass, called cullet, can potentially be applied everywhere for the production of new glass articles. In such case the end-of-life glass articles need to be collected separately from the rest of the waste, to be delivered to specialized facilities for proper treatment (grinding, cleaning, sorting, etc.) and to be supplied to glass industries under the form of furnace-ready cullet, to produce new glass articles.


Due to its increasing quality and its multiple benefits, nowadays cullet represents a large part of the batch charge, reaching up to 90% of the input feed in some European plants. Its usage gives so many energetic and environmental advantages, that it has become an irreplaceable component in the majority of large-scale production contexts. In consequence, glass industry has built a large experience in the usage of cullet and has progressively learnt to overcome the difficulties connected to its exploitation since its firsts uses in the Eighties, developing suitable technologies and a specific know-how. This session welcomes papers highlighting the different aspects of glass recycling, its impact on glass production, on the environment and its key role in the sustainability of the glass industry.



Session Organizer


Stefano Ceola, Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, Italy, sceola@spevetro.it

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