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Session 6: Glasses and glass-ceramics in detector applications

This session highlights fundamentals and applications of glasses and glass-ceramics in radiation and particle detectors. These detectors are critical to fundamental discoveries in physics, industrial applications, and theranostics in medicine.


Selected topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Photomultiplier tube glasses for neutrino detection
  • Glasses and glass ceramics for neutron detection and imaging
  • Glasses and glass ceramics for x-ray detection and imaging, including medical imaging
  • Glass alpha particle detectors
  • Glasses in detection of gravitational waves
  • Glasses for nuclear fusion research
  • Proton-detecting glasses
  • Color-glass condensates



Jackie Johnson, University of Tennessee Space Institute

S.K. Sundaram, Alfred University

Mario Affatigato, Coe College

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