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Session 7: Silicate Glass Structure


This session is focused on experimental and computational studies of silicate glasses, focusing on atomic structure elucidation over a variety of length scales.  Studies of glass compositions ranging from pure silica to those containing other components, but rich in SiO2, are appropriate topics for presentation.  Advanced experimental methods, including solid-state NMR, vibrational spectroscopies and synchrotron–based methods like neutron scattering and high energy x-ray diffraction, and their use in understanding the critical linkage between glass structure and properties, will comprise the bulk of this session.  Advanced modeling studies of silicate-based glasses, and especially the powerful combination of both modeling and experimental approaches, are also encouraged.



Session Organizers



Randall Youngman, Corning Incorporated, USA, youngmanre@corning.com


Daniel Neuville, IPGP, France, neuville@ipgp.fr

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