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Optical Coatings

2011 Glass & Optical Materials Division Spring Meeting

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Optical coatings encompass one or more layers of coatings on optical materials (e.g., glasses) or components that change reflection or transmission of the coated surfaces. The coatings are generally thin and made of different materials (e.g., metals, oxides, polymer) that can be tailored to tune the reflection-transmission ratio of the material or component. Some examples include highly reflecting coatings, anti-reflection coatings, and multi-functional coatings. Advanced coatings and chemical/photo-modification processes can be used to control the flow of light, e.g., gratings, photonic band gap structures. This session intends to cover all aspects of optical coatings on materials, components, and devices.


S. K. Sundaram, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

N. C. Anheier, Jr., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA


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