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In Memoriam

Conrad Naber



by Lara Overschmidt


The Nabertherm GmbH grieves for their company founder and former managing director, Mr. Conrad Naber, who died on January 29, 2018 at the age of 95. Mr. Naber founded the company in Bremen in September 1947 and in the following years developed it into an internationally renowned furnace manufacturer. Moving the company to Lilienthal in 1954, he provided for the necessary space for a continuous expansion.


As founder and president, he managed the company for a period of two generations, down to earth and close to his employees until 2001. Afterwards, he continued to accompany the further expansion as chairman of the Supervisory Board. Mr. Naber has timely set the course for the future successful development of the enterprise. Even after leaving the Supervisory Board, he continued to follow closely the further growth of his life achievement until the end. Today, the Nabertherm brand is the worldwide synonym for innovation and quality in furnace design and manufacturing, Made in Germany.

The management honors with great respect the extraordinary lifetime achievement of Conrad Naber. As a model entrepreneur in the post-war period he built and courageously expanded a business under difficult conditions, providing for attractive and safe jobs to his ever-growing workforce.


He entrusted his entrepreneurial legacy to his successors with the expectation that they would continue to shape and develop the company in his interest into the future. The management of Nabertherm is deeply grateful for this trust and is aware of their commitment.


The first furnaces produced by Conrad Naber in Bremen were pottery kilns. Over the decades, Nabertherm has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturer of furnaces and equipment for a broad range of heat treatment processes. With respect to ceramic applications, Nabertherm supplies today not only furnaces but also standard and customized systems for the debinding and sintering of technical ceramics which are used worldwide in research/laboratory and production.



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