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ACerS Corporate and Industry Awards

Attention ACerS Corporate Members:
While ACerS has a large and varied awards programs, four of them are specifically designed for our important Corporate Members. We encourage you to submit nominations for the 2017 corporate and industry awards that will be presented at the ACerS Annual Meeting in October 2017. The nomination deadline is January 15, 2017
Corporate Awards  
Corporate Environmental Achievement Award
This award recognizes and honors a single outstanding environmental achievement made by an ACerS Corporate Member in the field of ceramics. The achievement represents either a significant improvement of an existing process and/or product, or the development and implementation of a new process and/or product. In both cases the process and/or product should demonstrate improvements in one or more of the following areas: reduction in undesirable effluent streams, expanded recycling of materials, and/or measurable environmental benefits over previously established processes.
Corporate Technical Achievement Award 
This award recognizes a single outstanding technical achievement made by an ACerS Corporate Member in the field of ceramics. The achievement must show significant technical merit and represent a gain to society through commercialization of the technology within the last eight years. It is not necessary for the technical and commercial development to be accomplished by one company, and joint nominations can be submitted. 

Industry Awards

Medal for Leadership in the Advancement of Ceramic Technology
This award recognizes individuals, who through leadership and vision in an executive role, have made significant contributions to the success of their organization and in turn have significantly expanded the frontiers of the ceramics industry. Nominees typically will hold senior positions such as CEO, CTO, President or Vice‐President in a ceramics industry organization. Membership in The American Ceramic Society is not required. Two medals are presented each year.

Richard M. Fulrath Awards
The award is presented to five people each year: three from industry (2 from Japan, and 1 from America) and two from academia (1 from Japan and 1 from America). The Fulrath Awards promote technical and personal friendships between Japanese and American ceramic engineers and scientists and encourage a greater understanding among the diverse cultures surrounding the Pacific Rim. The awards recognize individuals for their excellence in research and development of ceramic sciences and materials. Nominees must be 45 or younger at the time of award presentation (October 9, 2017).
If you have any questions about these awards, or any of the ACerS awards, please contact Erica Zimmerman at or 614.794.5821. This is a wonderful way to get your organization and talented employees recognized for their achievements!

Complete information including nomination forms may be found on the Awards Page.