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ACerS Bioceramics Division

Mission Statement


Our Mission: The Bioceramics Division of The American Ceramic Society is dedicated to stimulate the growth and activity of the Society, particularly in the areas of the science, engineering, and manufacturing of bioceramics, biocomposites, and biomaterials.





Publication Highlights 

As a service to the members of the Bioceramics Division and those interested in joining The American Ceramic Society, ACerS and Wiley are providing free access to articles published in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society, International Journal of Applied Glass Science and the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology that are relevant to the bioceramics industry. These articles were unlocked until December 31, 2017.  ACerS members can access these articles by logging in to www.ceramics.org.


Bioactive Glass Innovations Through Academia-Industry Collaboration
          Fu, Qiang; Mauro, John C.; Rahaman, Mohamed N.


Bioglass and Bioactive Glasses and Their Impact on Healthcare
          Jones, Julian R.; Brauer, Delia S.; Hupa, Leena; Greenspan, David C.


Silicon nitride bioceramics in healthcare
          Rahaman, Mohamed; Xiao, Wei


Tailoring the Structure of Bioactive Glasses: From the Nanoscale to Macroporous Scaffolds
          Vallet-Regí, María; Salinas, Antonio J.; Arcos, Daniel


A hundred times faster: Novel, rapid sol-gel synthesis of bio-glass nanopowders (Si-Na-Ca-P system, Ca:P = 1.67) without aging
             Ben-Arfa, Basam A. E.; Miranda Salvado, Isabel M.; Ferreira, José M. F.; Pullar, Robert C.


Colloidal processing: enabling complex shaped ceramics with unique multiscale structures
 Franks, George V.; Tallon, Carolina; Studart, André R.; Sesso, Mitchell L.; Leo, Silvia


Design Strategy for the Multilayer Core–Shell Bioceramics with Controlled Chemistry
Liu, Limin; He, Dongshuang; Yang, Xianyan; Zhang, Lei; Yang, Guojing; Dai, Xuesong; Gou, Zhongru


Direct Ink Writing of a Preceramic Polymer and Fillers to Produce Hardystonite (Ca2ZnSi2O7) Bioceramic Scaffolds
Zocca, Andrea; Franchin, Giorgia; Elsayed, Hamada; Gioffredi, Emilia; Bernardo, Enrico; Colombo, Paolo


Graphene oxide/fluorhydroxyapatite composites with enhanced chemical stability, mechanical, and biological properties for dental applications
Shi, Li; Bai, Yu; Su, Juan; Ma, Wen; Jia, Rui-lin


Sintering behavior and biocompatibility of a low temperature co-fired ceramic for microfluidic biosensors
         Luo, Jin; Eitel, Richard

Division Flyer





 Meeting Spotlight

July 28 – 31, 2016

Innovations in Biomedical Materials and Technologies
Chicago, IL, USA

Panel discussion with Daniel Anderson, Roger Narayan and Robert Streicher

Plenary speaker Dr. Ming Wu

The poster session provides the opportunity to  meet and discuss research.







October 14 – 18, 2018

Materials Science & Technology 2018, combined with ACerS 120th Annual Meeting (MS&T18)

Greater Columbus Convention Center  |  Columbus, Ohio USA


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Division Leadership

Chair: Steve Jung | Mo-Sci Corporation

Chair-elect: Roger Narayan North Carolina State University

Vice Chair: Julian Jones  | Imperial College London

Secretary: Ashutosh Goel | Rutgers University

ACerS Board of Directors Division Liaison: Dana Goski | Allied Mineral Products, Inc.

President’s Council of Student Advisors Delegate: Addie Lupercio | Boise State University

Division Rules and Reports

 Bioceramics Division Rules


DVD Courses

Bioceramics: Advances and Challenges for Affordable Healthcare Short Course on DVD

Taught by the late Dr. Larry Hench, the course features five lectures that discuss the ethical and technical challenges facing affordable healthcare in the 21st century with an emphasis on the evolution and clinical applications of bioactive ceramic materials. Review the four-course series.


Surface Chemistry & Characterization of Bioactive Glasses

Gain an in-depth view of the mechanisms behind this revolutionary science in this second DVD series by the late Dr. Larry Hench—leading bioglass researcher, industry expert, and thought leader. This nine-lecture short course provides detailed insight into the discovery of bioactive materials, with reviews of animal models and clinical applications. Additionally, obtain an overview of the mechanisms and technology behind bioglass bonding, toxicology and biocompatibility, with a particular emphasis on characterization strategies and how to determine the best method of quality assurance.

Job Opportunities

ACerS Career Center





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