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ACerS PCSA Creativity Competition

Get your creative juices flowing!  Compete in the 2nd Annual ACerS PCSA Creativity Competition!





Combining both science and art into any one individual’s skill set is important because it can help nurture creativity in research and cultivate innovation in the workplace. For this reason, ACerS President’s Council of Student Advisors (PCSA) organizes a creativity and innovation initiative in the form of a creativity competition for students. This creativity competition serves to encourage the harmonious coexistence of art and science in the ceramics and glass community. Students who dabble in ceramic and glass-related arts either for their research or just for fun are encouraged to share their talent!

2016’s Artistic Creativity Award, “The Cell Culture Invasion” by Swetha Barkam, juxtaposes biological life with art…inspired by an experiment gone wrong where bacteria started to grow with good cells. (Credit: Swetha Barkam)



Possible Art Categories:

  • Glassblowing
  • Stained glass
  • Pottery
  • Ceramic 3-D printing
  • Glass 3-D printing
  • Artistic painting of a ceramic-related image
  • Digital 3-D rendering of a ceramic-related process
  • Other ceramic or glass-related forms of art

2016’s Scientific Creativity Award winner, Matt Michie’s “EBSD Pendant” (Credit: Matt Michie)


How to apply and send submission:  

The following two items are required to compete in the contest.  Send both to PCSACreative@ceramics.org:

  1. Application form with pledge of original work (Fillable PDF) 
  2. Submit your artwork/creative piece in one of the following two ways:
    • For physical art pieces: submit a picture of the artwork
    • For digital art pieces: submit a short (30 sec.) video of the digital rendering or modeling

2016 Viewer’s Choice Award winner, Ashley McClain’s “Fused Jellyfish” (Credit: Ashley McClain)

Winning categories:

  1. Scientific Creativity:  We’re looking for art that creatively conveys effective scientific concepts and/or illustrates a technically difficult characterization or processing technique in a beautiful form!
  2. Artistic Creativity:  We’re looking for unique ceramics or glass inspired art that is attention grabbing and thought invoking!
  3. Viewer’s Choice:  We’ll be showing off your art through PCSA social media! The submission with the most likes will win the Viewer’s Choice Award.

The winning art pieces will be recognized and displayed in the ACerS booth during the MS&T17 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


Please contact PCSA Delegate and Programming Liaison, Archana Loganathan, for more information.


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