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ACerS Lifetime Membership

ACerS new Lifetime Membership is designed for those who are dedicated to a career in ceramic and glass engineering, science and manufacturing.  When you become a Lifetime Member you avoid paying membership dues each year, along with any future dues increases. 


Furthermore, Lifetime Members who will become eligible for awards and recognition in the future need not worry about a lapse in membership eliminating them as candidates for well-deserved recognition. 


“It’s been obvious to me for a long time that I would always want to part of the Society’s community of scholars and friends.  But going through the annual renewal process every year for decades has always been yet another administrative detail on my ‘to do’ list.  Lifetime Membership brings me all of the benefits of the society and one less administrative thing to do every year”, said Gregory Rohrer, Lifetime Member.

The cost to secure ACerS Lifetime Membership and its continuous benefits is a one-time payment of $2000, which averages out to about 17 years at the current dues rate. 


ACerS is proud to announce the following who have made a lifelong commitment to membership in the society:

John Ballato
Yury Gogotsi
Olivia Graeve
Olivier Guillon
Surojit Gupta
Wayne Kaplan
Safa Kasap
Cato Laurencin
Mark Losego
Daniel Neuville
Laeticia Petit
Gregory Rohrer
Federico Rosei
Christopher Schuh
S. K. Sundaram
Frederick Teeter
Jeffrey Wadsworth
Yiquan Wu


To become an ACerS Lifetime Member, contact Kevin Thompson, membership director at kthompson@ceramics.org or 614-794-5894, or by calling ACerS Customer Service at 866-721-3322.


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