Bobby Harl

The end of ICC4 and my first blogging experience

By Bobby Harl / July 20, 2012

Peter Wray delivers the recap on the Security & Strategic Materials talks given at ICC4. Credit: Bobby Harl, ACerS. It is hard to believe ICC4 is already over, and I’m submitting my final blog post; it seems like everything just started. Usually the fun things in life move by fast, and this experience has epitomized…

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The ICC4 gala, art included.

By Bobby Harl / July 19, 2012

Francesca Casadio talks to the ICC4 participants about her research on Picasso’s materials. Credit: Bobby Harl, ACerS. Wednesday night has arrived, the night of the ICC4 gala. When I was interviewed for this scholarship, the gala was described to me, and I have been anticipating it ever since. Let me give you some flavor for…

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ICC4: Student view of Ceramic Leadership Summit track

By Bobby Harl / July 18, 2012

CLS morning entrepreneur panel. Credit: Bobby Harl; ACerS. The highlight of my Tuesday was the Ceramic Leadership Syposium put on by ACerS. I was particularly interested in these talks as I consider leadership to be a key aspect to successful individuals in both academia and industry. The highlight of the CLS for me was the…

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ICC4: Packed with the future

By Bobby Harl / July 17, 2012

Edgar Lara-Curzio questions John Tracy after his lenary talk Monday. Credit: Bobby Harl, ACerS. Welcome to the second installment of this student’s perspective on the ICC4 conference. Today was the first full day of the conference full of exciting material. The inspiration for today’s talks was driven by the all-star lineup provided by the ACerS organization team,…

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ICC4: The beginning through a student’s eyes

By Bobby Harl / July 16, 2012

Registration desk at ICC4. Credit: Bobby Harl; ACerS. Hello readers! First, I must say it is a great pleasure to be writing to you from ICC4. I would quickly like to thank the American Ceramic Society for the opportunity they have given me in this student blogger position and look forward to this exciting conference.…

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