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William Long head shot

Volunteer spotlight: Bill Long

By Belinda Raines / March 5, 2019

ACerS is pleased to announce the second recipient of our new Volunteer Spotlight program through which we recognize a member who demonstrates outstanding service to The American Ceramic Society through volunteerism. Bill Long is an active Emeritus member of ACerS. He was instrumental in the successful launch of ACerS Colorado Section and is a member…

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Eugenio Zapata-Solvas

Volunteer Spotlight: Eugenio Zapata-Solvas

By Belinda Raines / February 8, 2019

Eugenio Zapata-Solvas is featured in this month’s Volunteer Spotlight. He has been instrumental in the growth of ACerS U.K. Chapter.

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Owens-Illinois donates $20,000 to Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation, Glass Manufacturing Industry Council

By Belinda Raines / November 7, 2018

The Owens-Illinois Charities Foundation donated $20,000 to the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation and the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council to support student programs and travel grants to the Glass Problems Conference.

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Germany Chapter

By Belinda Raines / May 21, 2018

The Germany Chapter of The American Ceramic Society serves ACerS members in or near the cities of Cologne, Bonn, Aachen, Dusseldorf, and Dortmund for the purpose of promoting the arts and sciences connected with ceramics and glass science and engineering.  Events such as workshops, industrial showcases, and seminars are planned to enhance and facilitate the…

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Students: Enjoy a Free Lunch at MS&T

By Belinda Raines / September 30, 2016

If you’re planning for the ACerS Student Tour at MS&T 2016*, you are also invited to take advantage of the Ceramic Careers Mentoring Luncheon, presented by The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation. Enjoy a complimentary lunch before the tour while learning about careers in ceramics! Professionals from the ceramics and glass industry will present a brief overview of jobs…

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