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Sue LaBute

ACerS 2019 Board of Directors

ACerS announces 2019 leadership slate

By Sue LaBute / February 8, 2019

ACerS is pleased to announce the 2019 slate for the president-elect and Board of Directors positions as proposed by the Nominating Committee.

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ACerS announces slate of officers for 2015

By Sue LaBute / March 5, 2015

ACerS is pleased to announce the 2015 slate for the President-elect and Board of Directors positions for the coming year as proposed by the 2014–2015 Nominating Committee. ACerS rules provide the opportunity for additional nominees to be proposed through a petition process. Instructions to do so can be found here. 

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ACerS annual call for board, committee nominations

By Sue LaBute / September 26, 2014

Do you know someone you think would be perfect for the Board of Directors? Do you, personally, have a desire to become more involved in setting the direction of your professional society? If so, the ACerS 2014-2015 Nominating Committee wants to hear from you. The Nominating Committee welcomes nominations from the membership at large for…

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