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B1. Innovations in Glasses for Healthcare Applications: A Symposium in Honor of Delbert E. Day


This symposium, in honor of Delbert E Day, will cover progress and innovations in the fundamentals, technology and application of glasses in healthcare (bioglasses). In addition to recognizing the enormous contribution of Dr. Day to this area, the symposium will provide a forum for researchers to discuss their work in similar and related topical areas. Covering both melt-derived and sol-gel glasses, session topics include fundamentals in the design, structure and reactivity of bioglasses; silicate, borate and phosphate bioglasses in the particulate, fibrous and porous solid forms; glass-ceramics and composites; bioglasses as delivery devices for ions and biomolecules in enhancing osteogenesis, angiogenesis and bacterial resistance; biocompatibility phenomena related to bioglasses; and biomedical applications of glasses and glass-ceramics. The symposium will also discuss emerging developments and future potential of bioglasses in healthcare.



Proposed Session Topics:

  • Compositional design and structure of bioglasses
  • Degradation and reactivity of bioglasses in vitro and in vivo
  • Silicate, borate and phosphate bioglasses
  • Bioactive glass-ceramics and composites
  • Bioglasses as delivery devices for ions and biomolecules
  • Biocompatibility phenomena
  • Bioactive glasses in wound healing and regenerative medicine
  • Medical and dental applications of glasses and glass-ceramics
  • Emerging developments and future potential of glasses in healthcare



  • Mohamed N Rahaman, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and University of Illinois at Chicago, USA; rahaman@mst.edu
  • Richard K Brow, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA; brow@mst.edu

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