ACerS Awards and Honors

Reinhard Conradt

By Erica Zimmerman / March 9, 2020

Reinhard Conradt is a retired professor from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He performed industry related research at Fraunhofer Institute of Silicate Science (ISC) Würzburg, Germany for 6 years, then served for 10 years as lecturer and industry consultant in an emerging market of Asia (Thailand). From 1997 to 2016, he was full professor and Chair…

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Joachim Deubener

By Erica Zimmerman / March 5, 2020

Joachim Deubener is full professor of glass science and engineering at Clausthal University of Technology in Germany since 2002. His research interests are dynamic processes and phase transformations in glasses and, in addition, he is working on thin (sol-gel) and thick (enamel) film technologies. He published 130 peer-reviewed articles on the field of glass science…

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European Ceramic Society-American Ceramic Society Joint Award

By Erica Zimmerman / February 21, 2020

The European Ceramic Society-American Ceramic Society Joint Award recognizes individuals who foster international cooperation between the American Ceramic Society and the European Ceramic Society, in demonstration of both organizations’ commitment to work together to better serve the international ceramics community. A nomination form must be submitted and should include a statement of no more than…

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Engineering Ceramics Division: Global Star Award

By Erica Zimmerman / February 6, 2020

The Global Star Award recognizes active volunteers for their contributions to the Engineering Ceramics Division (ECD) and to the technical program of the International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics & Composites (ICACC) meeting. The award recipients are selected by the ICACC Program Chair with agreement from the ECD Executive Committee. The awardees receive a…

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Rishi Raj Medal for Innovation and Commercialization

By Erica Zimmerman / February 3, 2020

The Rishi Raj Medal for Innovation and Commercialization Award is awarded annually to recognize one individual whose innovation lies at the cusp of commercialization in a field related, at least in part, to ceramics and glass. The Award is a medal, $2,500 award and registration waiver to attend ACerS Annual Meeting. The award is presented…

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Carolina Tallon

By Erica Zimmerman / December 3, 2019

Dr. Carolina Tallon is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Team at Virginia Tech. Her research focuses on near-net-shaping and advanced manufacturing of ceramics for extreme environments, with an emphasis on developing techniques that allow bulk large size complex geometry components with tunable microstructure,…

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Art, Archaeology and Conservation Science Division: Anna O. Shepard Award

By Erica Zimmerman / November 8, 2019

The Anna O. Shepard Award, honors this scientist’s pioneering work in the analysis and description of pottery and ceramics from 1930 to 1973. She integrated multiple methods of analysis in order to describe the chemical, physical and crystallographic properties of art and archaeological materials, the geological and natural resources used in their fabrication, and the…

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Glass & Optical Materials Division: Varshneya-Mauro-Jain Guru-Chela Travel Fund

By Erica Zimmerman / October 31, 2019

This travel fund recognizes the special bond of knowledge, trust, and growth between a teacher (“Guru“) and a student (“Chela“), benefitting both. Among the many examples of such special bond within the GOMD, the relationship between the late Professor Alfred R. Cooper and students Arun Varshneya and Prabhat Gupta can be recalled with fondness. This…

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Ronald G. Polcawich

By Erica Zimmerman / July 24, 2019

Ronald G. Polcawich is a Program Manager at DARPA in the Microsystems Technology Office and currently on detail to DARPA from the Micro & Nano Materials & Devices Branch of US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Adelphi, MD.  He received a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (1997), and M.S. degree in…

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Winnie Wong-Ng

By Erica Zimmerman / May 3, 2019

Winnie Wong-Ng is a senior research chemist in the Materials Measurement Science Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Maryland. She received a B. Sc. degree in Chemistry from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a Ph.D. degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Louisiana State University, followed by post-doctoral and research associate/lecturer appointments…

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