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Video: Uncovering the dark side of e-waste recycling

By Lisa McDonald / December 11, 2019

The Basel Action Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing pollution dumping in developing countries. Learn what it is doing to prevent recyclers from exporting electronics overseas and find out how its e-waste sting operation in 2015 revealed a shocking betrayal.

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Video: Foolproof bowling—make a perfect strike every time

By Lisa McDonald / December 4, 2019

What if you could achieve a perfect strike every time you bowled? In today’s video, former NASA engineer Mark Rober teams up with James Bruton, a mechanical and electrical engineer, to create a controllable bowling ball.

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Video: How to create a float for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

By Lisa McDonald / November 27, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Find out the steps involved in the design process and take a look at the five new floats that will debut this Thanksgiving!

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Video: Blue is cool—pigment containing ceramic microspheres cools Qatar roads

By Lisa McDonald / November 20, 2019

In anticipation of hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022, Qatar is actively implementing cooling technologies to combat the intense heat. One technology being tested to cool roads is a blue heat-reflective pigment containing hollow ceramic microspheres.

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Video: You “wood” not believe what this car is made from

By Lisa McDonald / November 13, 2019

Carbon fiber composites face challenges hindering their widespread use in vehicles. Researchers from 22 organizations in Japan are collaborating to investigate if cellulose nanofibers are a viable alternative.

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Video: Launch into testing—Lamborghini sends carbon fiber samples to International Space Station

By Lisa McDonald / November 6, 2019

On November 2, Lamborghini sent carbon fiber composite samples to the International Space Station to test the effects of extreme space conditions on composite materials. The project is part of a collaboration with the Houston Methodist Research Institute to research biocompatibility of composite materials.

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Video: Grow a glass pumpkin for Halloween

By Lisa McDonald / October 30, 2019

Want a pumpkin that lasts beyond Halloween? Glass pumpkins are a staple at fall festivities. Take a look at how they are made and see what it takes to create a 70-pound pumpkin!

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Porous silica nanoparticles offer potential solution to combat counterfeiting

By April Gocha / October 29, 2019

In today’s world of global commerce, product identity is a significant issue with considerable economic repercussions. TruTag Technologies is developing porous silica nanoparticles that use unique spectral signatures to authenticate goods.

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Video: World’s largest optical lens moves toward completion

By Lisa McDonald / October 23, 2019

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, targeted to begin operations in October 2022, is currently under construction in Chile. Funded through the National Science Foundation, LSST will contain both the largest convex mirror and largest optical lens ever made.

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Video: Creating pencils from scratch

By Lisa McDonald / October 16, 2019

Pencils are one of the most well-known applications of graphite, but do you know how pencils are created? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the pencil manufacturing process at Faber-Castell, one of the world’s largest and oldest manufacturers of pencils and office supplies.

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