Video: Tile manufacturers face clay shortages due to war in Ukraine

By Lisa McDonald / May 18, 2022

Disruptions in the energy market are not the only market forces affecting the European ceramics industry. The war in Ukraine is also driving a shortage in supplies of Ukrainian clay.

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Video: Fiber-reinforced bogies gain steam in the rail industry

By Lisa McDonald / May 11, 2022

Though the rail industry has been much slower to adopt fiber-reinforced composites compared to other transportation industries, more rail companies started developing composite bogies, a major structural component, in recent years.

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Video: India aims to become major player in global semiconductor market

By Lisa McDonald / May 4, 2022

While India does well in research and development of semiconductor chips, the country has few semiconductor fabrication plants and none are for commercial use. In recent months, the Indian government laid the groundwork to bring commercial chip manufacturing to India.

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Video: ‘Glass Ships in Bottles’ exhibition explores the unusual history of UK scientific glassblowers

By Lisa McDonald / April 27, 2022

When heavy industry in the United Kingdom experienced a decline in the 1970s, scientific glassblowers began making and selling glass ships in bottles to stay afloat. An exhibition at the Scottish Maritime Museum looks at this unusual history and how it blossomed into a highly viable commercial enterprise.

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Video: ‘Superhero Materials’ exhibit reveals the everyday wonders of materials

By Lisa McDonald / April 20, 2022

While superheroes offer an engaging hook to interest students in materials science, real-world materials can be just as fascinating and superhero-like. A new exhibit at Tellus Science Museum in Georgia uses materials found in everyday life to inspire interest in materials science.

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Video: Glass flood walls prevent flooding while maintaining the view

By Lisa McDonald / April 6, 2022

Flood walls are traditionally made of concrete, but a few manufacturers are exploring the use of glass in flood wall design to maintain views of the surrounding area. See some examples of these glass walls in real-world applications.

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Video: From interstate eyesore to inlet ecosystem—recycled concrete used to rehabilitate oyster populations

By Lisa McDonald / March 30, 2022

In contrast to corals, the crucial role that oysters play in global ocean health is often overlooked by the general public. Fortunately, governments, conservation groups, researchers, and oyster growers have started seriously investing in oyster restoration projects along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts. One project by Virginia-based Lynnhaven River NOW not only helps oysters but puts recycled concrete to good use.

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Video: DOE funds projects to reduce waste from and sustain future deployment of advanced nuclear reactors

By Lisa McDonald / March 23, 2022

On March 10, the U.S. Department of Energy announced $36 million for 11 projects seeking to increase deployment and use of nuclear power and limit the amount of waste produced from advanced nuclear reactors. Learn more about these projects and some of the arguments for and against increasing reliance on nuclear power.

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Video: Europe’s gas crisis comes for Venice glassblowers

By Lisa McDonald / March 16, 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is contributing to an ongoing surge in fuel prices that has greatly affected numerous European industries since last fall. Last November we reported on challenges faced by the ceramics industry, and today we look at the struggles of Venice glassblowers to keep their centuries-old tradition alive.

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Video: 2021 Brick in Architecture Awards demonstrate brick’s ‘infinite’ design versatility

By Lisa McDonald / March 9, 2022

Since 1989, the Brick Industry Association has sponsored the Brick in Architecture Awards to recognize exceptional uses of clay brick in architecture. The 49 global winners for the 2021 awards include entries spanning the United States, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.

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