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Video: VCRs are no more—but magnetic tapes are still the rage

By Lisa McDonald / August 21, 2019

Although VHS tapes are viewed as a dead technology in the public entertainment sector, magnetic tapes provide valuable archive storage for companies and organizations handling big data—but an ongoing patent battle makes obtaining the newest tapes difficult.

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Video: Camels provide beauty, milk—and alternative fuel for cement production

By Lisa McDonald / August 14, 2019

In Ras al-Khaimah, the northernmost emirate of the United Arab Emirates, the government’s waste management agency is running a program to divert waste from landfills. Part of that program includes using camel excrement as fuel in cement production.

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Video: (Don’t) hold the phone—radar sensors could replace touch-screen technology

By Lisa McDonald / August 7, 2019

Since 2015, Google has been developing radar sensors that will allow hands-free phone operation. Google plans to put the technology into practice with the release of the Pixel 4 this fall.

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Video: From waste to winners—Olympic medals made from recycled electronics

By Lisa McDonald / July 31, 2019

The next summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo in 2020. As part of its Games Sustainability Plan, Japan recycled almost 80,000 tons of electronic devices to collect enough metal to create 5,000 Olympic medals.

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Video: Are vehicle escape tools lifesavers? Depends on the glass

By Lisa McDonald / July 24, 2019

Knowing the type of glass in your car side windows could save you in an emergency. A new study by AAA found that out of six vehicle escape tools, only four could shatter tempered glass and none could break laminated glass, which stayed intact even after being cracked.

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Video: ‘Hammer’ home the difference between liquid glass and tempered glass screen protectors

By Lisa McDonald / July 17, 2019

When it comes to smartphone screen protectors, you can choose between plastic, glass—and liquid glass. See how liquid glass screen protectors compare to tempered glass and uncovered screens when put through a few DIY scratch tests.

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Video: Transparent aluminum—from Star Trek to (almost) reality

By Lisa McDonald / July 10, 2019

First introduced in the 1986 Star Trek movie “The Voyage Home”, transparent aluminum is now (almost) reality. Learn how researchers are using transparent aluminum compounds to produce lighter, thinner armor.

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Video: Diffraction glasses enhance any 4th of July fireworks display

By Lisa McDonald / July 3, 2019

Looking for a way to spice up your annual 4th of July fireworks display? Diffraction glasses can enhance the colors to a whole new level!

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Video: 120-year-old solar eclipse caught on film

By Lisa McDonald / June 26, 2019

The one and only total solar eclipse of 2019 takes place on July 2. To prepare for the occasion, take a look at the oldest surviving footage of a solar eclipse from 1900.

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Video: 3D print a diamond composite

By Lisa McDonald / June 19, 2019

Diamond, the hardest of the common naturally occurring substances, is almost impossible to form into complex shapes. Engineering company Sandvik developed a 3D printing process for diamond composites that makes complex shapes possible.

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