Video: ‘Clay as Soft Power’ exhibition examines how Shigaraki ware may have helped mend postwar Japanese–U.S. relations

By Lisa McDonald / January 25, 2023

Following World War II, how did Japan and the United States repair their relationship and become as close as they are today? A new exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Art examines how Shigaraki ware may have helped transform the U.S. public’s image of Japan.

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Video: At home or on the go, EV charging innovations at CES 2023 have you covered

By Lisa McDonald / January 18, 2023

During CES 2023, which took place January 5–8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, numerous companies showcased their electric vehicle charging innovations. Today’s CTT highlights several key announcements made during the show.

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Video: Cleaning up our waterways—addressing the abandonment of fiberglass boats in Virginia

By Lisa McDonald / January 11, 2023

Abandoned fiberglass boats are a growing problem in the state of Virginia. As state officials contemplate the development of a state-run turn-in and disposal program, some residents are taking matters into their own hands by establishing local nonprofit disposal operations.

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Video: ‘Invisible’ solar roof tiles bring sustainable technology to historical sites

By Lisa McDonald / January 4, 2023

Implementing new sustainable materials and technologies into designated historical sites is complicated by the need to preserve the area’s historical nature. In Italy, managers of a project to improve the safety of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii worked with the owners of a small family-run business to install solar panels that blend into the ancient city’s traditional buildings.

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Video: Ceramic-based nesting boxes offer cool haven for African penguins

By Lisa McDonald / December 14, 2022

Over the past two centuries, the number of African penguins has plummeted more than 99%. The African Penguin Nest Project is an international team creating double-layered ceramic nesting boxes to protect African penguins from predators and the sun, which will hopefully lead to growth in the penguin population.

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Video: Translating bioceramic research from the lab to the clinic—a discussion with William Bonfield

By Lisa McDonald / November 30, 2022

To fulfill the growing demand for bioceramics and bioactive glasses, scientists will need to not only innovate new materials but translate them to market. In an interview, William Bonfield, recipient of the 2021 Larry L. Hench Lifetime Achievement Award, shares advice for others looking to translate their innovations into clinical settings.

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Video: Sing a Song of Pie Birds—the history of how ceramic figurines helped vent pies in the early 20th century

By Lisa McDonald / November 23, 2022

While people today often vent pies by cutting slits in the top crust, in the early 20th century, people used hollow ceramic figurines often shaped liked birds to vent the steam. Learn more about the history of pie birds in today’s CTT.

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Video: Reimagining of ‘Ballet des Porcelaines’ probes the complex cultural work behind the making of porcelain

By Lisa McDonald / November 16, 2022

When art historian Meredith Martin was introduced to an 18th-century ballet that allegorically depicts Europe’s pursuit of porcelain, she knew pursuing a historically accurate reconstruction of the ballet would risk reinforcing harmful racial stereotypes and exoticization of Asian cultures. Instead, she and choreographer Phil Chan conceived of a restaging that would center Asian American experience within this history.

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Video: Observatory tidings—as research pivots to education in Puerto Rico, Iranian telescope records first light

By Lisa McDonald / November 9, 2022

While missions that take place in space often capture media headlines, ground-based operations are equally important in our search to understand the cosmos. Today’s CTT covers two recent announcements concerning observatories in Puerto Rico and Iran.

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Video: From waste to watercolors—Colorado artist turns food scraps into paint

By Lisa McDonald / November 2, 2022

With a little bit of science knowledge, artists can learn to make paints and glazes at home quite easily and for far less cost. A Colorado artist is working to educate others on how she creates environmentally friendly watercolor paints from foraged plants and food waste.

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