Video: N*Gen—teaching science through an African lens

By Lisa McDonald / February 24, 2021

Increasing diverse representation of scientists in the media is one way to encourage students from underrepresented groups to pursue careers in science. A new children science show called N*Gen, produced in Uganda, helps achieve that goal by teaching science through an African perspective.

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Video: Hyperloop—A possible future for transportation

By Lisa McDonald / February 17, 2021

The Hyperloop is a proposed mode of passenger and freight transportation that would use magnetic levitation and electromagnetic propulsion to send sleek metal pods hurtling through low-pressure, windowless vacuum tubes at hundreds of miles per hour. Virgin Hyperloop is one company exploring this mode of transportation, with potential plans to build a route in the U.S. Midwest.

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Video: Glass reality show blows away the competition

By Lisa McDonald / February 10, 2021

Reality competition shows exist on almost every topic. In 2019, glassblowing entered the fold with “Blown Away,” a Canadian series available on Netflix. Learn more about the show and the Corning Museum of Glass, where winners take part in a weeklong guest residency.

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Video: Fish-inspired robots coordinate movements without any outside control

By Lisa McDonald / February 3, 2021

Autonomous robots, which can perform tasks with little to no human intervention or interaction, are desirable in a variety of applications, including spaceflight, household maintenance, and delivering goods. Researchers at Harvard University developed fish-shaped robots called Bluebots that can autonomously self-organize in water, which may be useful for environmental monitoring.

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Video: Glass flowers bloom in nail art

By Lisa McDonald / January 27, 2021

Cosmetic nail treatments have existed for thousands of years, but the wild nail art designs seen today only really became popular in the past decade. We take a brief look at this history and highlight one nail artist whose designs are inspired by nature.

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Video: Decommissioned wind turbine blades get a second wind through reuse and recycling

By Lisa McDonald / January 20, 2021

The vast majority of wind turbine blades that reach end-of-use are either being stored in various places or taken to landfills because there are few options for recycling. Numerous companies and universities are working to change that.

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Video: The evolution of touchscreen displays in cars

By Lisa McDonald / January 13, 2021

Touchscreen displays are an increasingly standard feature in new car models and, like smartphone screens, they grow larger each year—Mercedes-Benz plans to feature a 56-inch touchscreen display in an upcoming luxury electric sedan. But do touchscreens really help drivers—or lead to distracted driving?

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Video: Robot dance party kicks off 2021

By Lisa McDonald / January 6, 2021

What better way to celebrate the start of 2021 than with a dance party—for robots? Engineering and robotics design company Boston Dynamics posted a new video that showcases the best of their robots’ abilities and offers a lighthearted way to celebrate the start of 2021.

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Video: Make shimmery chocolate at home using nanostructured film

By Lisa McDonald / December 23, 2020

Imprinting nanostructure patterns in chocolate to create shimmery goodies is a demonstrated technique, but the Swiss startup ChocoFoil is the first supplier with a product on the market using this technology.

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Video: Clay tiles help restore coral reefs

By Lisa McDonald / December 16, 2020

Coral reefs are experiencing massive die-offs because of bleaching, ocean acidification, and pollution, among other factors. Coral restoration is a top priority for marine researchers, and a team of marine scientists and architects at the University of Hong Kong is exploring using 3D printing to fabricate structurally complex clay tiles for coral to grow on.

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