Video of the week – Nanotube speakers

By / November 19, 2008

We posted about this novel use of carbon nanotubes as audio speakers on Monday, but today we have a video of the real deal, courtesy of the American Chemical Society.…

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Video of the week – aerogels

By / November 12, 2008

This week’s video is actually a three-in-one aerogel feature. Aerogel is wispy, translucent, highly insulating material often described as “solid smoke.” It’s worth noting that aerogel is not a new…

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Video of the week – Physics 101: What our next president needs to know

By / November 5, 2008

Apropos of this week’s event in the U.S., this week’s video is based on what’s been called “the best class at Berkeley.” It is taught by Richard Muller, and the…

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Video of the week: Cracking up over mugs

By / October 22, 2008

One tradition of The American Ceramic Society’s annual meetings and the coinciding MS&T conferences is the student mug drop competition. The purpose of the Ceramic Mug Drop contest is to…

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Video of the week: ICE-T program at Hocking College (Ohio)

By / October 15, 2008

This is a good example of a student-made film about a materials program. This one is about the Industrial Ceramics Engineering Technology program at the college located in southern Ohio.…

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Video of the week: How ceramic tiles are made

By / October 8, 2008

This video is part of our ongoing efforts to collect videos that document some of the basic methods used in industrial ceramics. This video is produced by the Discovery Channel…

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Video of the week: Ceramic knives worthy of sushi slicing

By / September 24, 2008

Momma, forget the ginsu. This week’s video examines outstanding durability and sharpness of a line of ceramic knives developed by Kyocera. Incredibly sharp, chemically inert and resilient to dulling, these…

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Video of the week: New approach to solar concentrators

By / September 17, 2008

Researchers at MIT (see post below) have developed a novel way to concentrate sunlight for solar cells that doesn’t involve mirrors and tracking mechanisms. They use a system of glass…

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Video of the week: Ceramic ball bearings

By / September 10, 2008

Ceramic ball bearings are saving energy and reducing the use of petroleum-based lubricants. Narrated by Richard Kay, CEO of the Palm Springs-based Ceramic Ball Bearings company, this video explains how…

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Video of the Week: Manufacturing flat (float) glass

By / September 5, 2008

This week’s video comes courtesy of PPG. It demonstrates modern techniques of making large sheets of flat glass that has a smooth surface – something that perplexed glass-makers for centuries.…

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