Video of the week – The sight of individual carbon atoms in motion

By / April 1, 2009

[flash /ceramictechtoday/wp-content/video/moving_carbon_atoms.flv mode=1 f={image=/ceramictechtoday/wp-content/video/moving_carbon_atoms.jpg}] This is a brief video. Maybe I am overwhelmed by this because of my chemistry background, but in my opinion, this video documents what truly should be “wow”-level historical type of moment in material-related sciences. As the folks at the Lawrence Berkeley Nation Lab note, this is equivalent to the first…

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AECOM launching new UCSB nano sustainability initiative

By / March 31, 2009

Los Angeles-based AECOM has announced that one of its divisions, AECOM Environment, and the University of California at Santa Barbara are collaborating on a new Sustainable Nanotechnology Initiative that will be located at UCSB’s Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. AECOM is a worldwide enterprise that describes itself as a provider of “a blend…

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NIST, University of Colorado discover way to stabilize AFM measurements

By / March 30, 2009

NIST and the University of Colorado, operating together as the JILA*, may have just made life a little simpler for those engaged in nano-oriented research by making it easier to use Atomic Force Microscopy. AFM has become an essential tool in the past two decades because of its ability to build a nanoscale topographic image…

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Major efficiency leap possible in sintering [updated]

By / March 23, 2009

[This post has drawn a lot of attention, and we have updated it with the assistance of Professor Pan] A group of engineers at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, led by ACerS member Jingzhe Pan, believe they’ve made a critical breakthrough for improving sintering processes. The group describes their new approach as…

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New MACS fills appetite for fast, accurate spectroscopy

By / March 19, 2009

NIST and Johns Hopkins University researchers have unveiled a new speedy and sensitive probe that may prove to be a godsend for nano scientists and related businesses. The NIST-JHU team calls the equipment a Multi-Axis Crystal Spectrometer. It is built on the technology developed in prior spectrometers at NIST’s Center for Neutron Research, where MACS…

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MS&T’09 abstracts deadline extended

By / March 16, 2009

Organizers have announced that, due to high demand, the submission deadline for Materials Science & Technology 2009 Conference & Exhibition, slated for Oct. 25-29 in Pittsburgh, has been extended to March 31. MS&T is the leading forum in the United States addressing structure, properties, processing and performance across the materials community. Potential presenters are asked…

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Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source

By / March 11, 2009

In a post earlier this week, I made reference to materials analysis assistance provided by ANL’s Advanced Photon Source facility. This video, created by the lab, provides a nice overview of how APS works and examples of where these capabilities are starting to pay off. The APS, a national synchrotron X-ray research facility funded by…

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Need research funding? Apply to NIST!

By / March 4, 2009

Does your research project need funding? Money may be available through the 2009 Technology Innovation Program, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. NIST invites you to submit a “white paper” pitching your project.  Here’s how: Who is eligible? Small- or medium-sized businesses or joint ventures involving a private-sector firm coupled with an…

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