Virginia Tech aims for the sky to win Solar Decathlon

By / August 14, 2009

Lumenhaus is Virginia Tech’s zero-energy home that can be completely powered by the sun and geothermal energy. Other sustainable features include the use of passive energy systems, radiant heating and building materials made from renewable and/or recyclable sources. The College of Architecture and Urban Studies is entering the house in the U.S. Department of Energy’s…

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Anticipation . . .

By / July 30, 2009

If you’ve ever had a pregnancy in the family, you know that the first two trimesters go by relatively quickly, but the last trimester seems to take forever. Days crawl by. Now, I see a similar phenomenon being played out in the science community, where the rest of this summer and much of the fall…

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Nano center produces jobs, growth for Albany

By / July 20, 2009

Seems to be good news, so other cities are starting to take notice. From the Utica Observer-Dispatch: To understand the potential for the new nanotechnology initiative at SUNYIT in Marcy, take a look at how such research has transformed the University at Albany and the Capital District’s economy. “In the dozen years since the Albany…

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DOE’s University Turbine Systems Research Program announces project selection

By / July 20, 2009

The DOE announced the selection of three projects under the Office of Fossil Energy’s University Turbine Systems Research Program. University researchers will investigate the chemistry and physics of advanced turbines, with the goal of promoting clean and efficient operation when fueled with coal-derived synthesis gas (syngas) and hydrogen fuels. Development of high-efficiency, ultra-clean turbine systems…

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Don’t miss Feynman’s ‘Messenger’ lectures

By / July 19, 2009

I know this is not actually news given that word of this came out several days ago, but you have to trust me on this: Turn off the Simpsons, NCI, America’s Got Talent or whatever you would be watching on the tube, and instead gather the entire family around to start watching something really, really…

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Video of the week – Postdoc opportunities at NIST’s Materials Science and Engineering Lab

By / July 15, 2009

Every year, the Materials Science and Engineering Lab receives more than 50 applications for National Research Council–NIST postdoctoral fellowships. Out of this pool of applicants, there are 10 to 15 successful appointments. MSEL programs are significantly enriched by the fresh ideas and talent brought by NRC postdocs. In turn, the postdocs enjoy close interactions with…

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MIT president emeritus Vest to give keynote lecture

By / July 14, 2009

Some exciting news – Charles M. Vest will be giving the Rustum Roy Lecture at the ACerS annual meeting. His talk is tentatively titled, “Engineering Education and the Challenges of the 21st Century”and is scheduled for Oct. 25, 2009 in Pittsburgh. (The ACerS annual meeting is held in conjunction with MS&T’09.) The president of the…

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Top 25 institutions ranked for alternative energy research

By / July 3, 2009

Elsevier, publisher of scientific, technical and medical information, announced the results of its SciVal Spotlight Alternative Energy Research Leadership study. Analyzing the work of 3,000 research institutions world-wide, the study identifies the top 25 based on the number of alternative energy research papers produced in distinctive competencies (DCs). Highlights of the findings were shared in…

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UPDATED: Over $800 million allocated for state energy programs

By / June 29, 2009

UPDATE: Funds are rolling in daily under the ARRA Act. For the most recent facts and figures, check out the DOE’s website. The Obama administration has recently awarded over $400 $800 million for state energy programs in 16 23 states. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, among other things, supports energy efficiency and renewable energy…

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Center to leverage NC nanobiotech research

By / June 18, 2009

The Center of Innovation in Nanobiotechnology, located in North Carolina, is going to be using a new $2.5 million grant to bring to market some of the biotech discoveries being made at universities in the state. The grant – which actually represents a “Phase II” grant – is from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. NCBC…

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