Bluegrass battery consortium

By / May 8, 2009

The state of Kentucky, the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville and the Argonne National Lab have announced that they have entered into a partnership to forge a national battery manufacturing R&D center on advanced batteries. The center’s would work with  with labs, manufacturers, suppliers and consumers to bring down advanced-battery production costs and…

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Nanowire dopant know-how

By / April 15, 2009

According to a paper published in a recent issue of Nature Nanotechnology, two researchers at Northwestern University are using atom probe tomography to do precise atom-by-atom measurements of dopants in nanowires and, likewise, use the information to build new nanowire models and better predict their electronic properties. Lincoln Lauhon, assistant professor of materials science and…

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DOE pumping $42 million into fuel cells

By / April 15, 2009

DOE Secretary Steven Chu announced today that it would target $41.9 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for fuel cell development. The money will be doled out to 12 companies for 14 projects in 10 states (see below). Some of the funding is to subsidize the purchase of fuel cell vehicles (by companies…

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Diamond-copper combo improves heat sink

By / April 8, 2009

Researchers at one of Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute think they have come up with a better material to dissipate heat in electronics, using a material that combines traditional materials like copper with diamond power. A novel material is needed because of the new challenges arising as more and more previously separated electronic units are being combined…

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Ceramics (MEMS) gets fingered

By / March 26, 2009

Apparently ceramics innovations can keep you on your toes – and keep track of your fingers. Florida-based Sonavation Inc. recently announced what they claim to be “the biometrics industry’s thinnest, most durable and highly accurate fingerprint sensor for the wireless and smartcard markets.” The sensor, dubbed the SonicSlide STS3000 (not to be confused with the…

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MS&T’09 abstracts deadline extended

By / March 16, 2009

Organizers have announced that, due to high demand, the submission deadline for Materials Science & Technology 2009 Conference & Exhibition, slated for Oct. 25-29 in Pittsburgh, has been extended to March 31. MS&T is the leading forum in the United States addressing structure, properties, processing and performance across the materials community. Potential presenters are asked…

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Advance ceramics to grow at 4% pace in U.S.?

By / March 11, 2009

That’s the growth rate predicted in a just-released report by a Indian research firm, Bharat Book Bureau. The report also says that sales will reach $12 billion by 2012, with advanced ceramics benefiting from significant expansion in electronics (such as capacitors), cutting tools, joint implants and membranes. 3B asserts that opportunities in electronics grow as…

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AFS Trinity’s extreme hybrid: marriage of Li-ion battery and ultracapacitors

By / March 9, 2009

AFS Trinity is set to demonstrate 150 mpg SUVs today using a system that is optimized for 40-mile-range usage, tolerant of heavy-duty power cycling and, they claim, ready for mass production. Says company CEO Edward W. Furia: “Each of the XH150S SUVs being driven in San Francisco today is a prototype of a mass-producible family-sized…

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Quant: One large, rolling solar panel?

By / March 6, 2009

Swedish car maker Koenigsegg just unveiled its Quant electric car at the Geneva Motor Show. The company says the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds, has room for four adults and can be charged from either an electrical outlet or by the sun. The solar power reported comes from a thin…

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Video of the week: Piezo precision motion devices

By / March 4, 2009

This week’s video is a demonstration-“tutorial” about one type of application of piezoelectric technology: a piezo-driven motion system developed by NanoMotion, a Israel-based division of Johnson Electric. This video is produced by “Minarik University,” the educational wing of Minarik, a distributor of electronic and electrical equipment. It demonstrates how piezo ultrasonic ceramic motors can provide…

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