Good enough for a Nobel—lithium-ion batteries are the focus of this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry

By Lisa McDonald / October 11, 2019

On October 9, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to three scientists for their work to develop lithium-ion batteries. John Goodenough, a luminary in the field of solid-state physics, is one of this year’s winners—learn more about his history and current research.

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‘Unique and friendly’ 3rd Annual Energy Harvesting Society Meeting covered all aspects of energy harvesting research

By Andrea Ross / September 11, 2019

Over 100 scientists gathered Sept. 4–6, 2019, at the 3rd Annual Energy Harvesting Society Meeting. The meeting featured an all-female plenary lineup and three concurrent sessions covering all aspects of energy harvesting.

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Boost the blue: Nanoparticles and 2D layers increase blue perovskite LED efficiency

By Lisa McDonald / September 10, 2019

Creating blue LEDs is challenging, especially when they are blue perovskite LEDs. Researchers in China, the United Kingdom, and the United States found mixing nanoparticles and quasi-2D layers can simplify the process and increase efficiency.

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Lithium is not the (Li)mit—researchers produce all-solid-state sodium-ion battery

By Jonathon Foreman / August 27, 2019

To advance energy storage technologies, batteries made from materials other than lithium need to be developed and explored. Researchers from Nippon Electric Glass and Nagaoka University of Technology created one such battery—an all-solid-state sodium-ion battery.

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Cheers to sustainability—lifecycle analysis pits glass bottles against aluminum cans

By April Gocha / August 23, 2019

From an environmental sustainability standpoint, which is better: glass bottles or aluminum cans? Turns out, the answer is not so clear-cut.

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The future of energy storage, plus more inside September 2019 ACerS Bulletin

By Lisa McDonald / August 22, 2019

The September 2019 issue of the ACerS Bulletin—featuring articles on energy storage technologies and ceramics and glass education outreach—is now available online. Plus—ACerS Annual Meeting and awards.

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PV and produce combine—benefits of agrivoltaics

By Lisa McDonald / August 9, 2019

Many farmers believe agriculture and solar farms present an either-or situation. Research on agrivoltaics, or the practice of co-locating PV infrastructure and agriculture, suggests instead the two could be mutually beneficial.

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Rust: Another way to generate electricity

By Lisa McDonald / August 6, 2019

Rust is commonly considered a problem to be suppressed. Researchers from the California Institute of Technology and Northwestern University instead show rust can be beneficial when used to generate electricity.

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Hydrogen and its applications: Summary of Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium

By Jonathon Foreman / August 2, 2019

The 19th Annual Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium, which took place in June, focused on hydrogen and its applications in energy storage and power generation. Learn about the current successes and challenges in bringing the technology to fruition.

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More glass-ceramic photocatalysts and lead-free pyroelectric materials

By Jonathon Foreman / July 16, 2019

Last month, studies by researcher Rahul Vaish on glass-ceramic photocatalysts were featured in CTT. Today, two more studies by Vaish published in ACerS journals are highlighted—one on antibacterial TiO2-based glass-ceramics, and one on lead-free pyroelectric materials.

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