Hydrogen and its applications: Summary of Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium

By Jonathon Foreman / August 2, 2019

The 19th Annual Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium, which took place in June, focused on hydrogen and its applications in energy storage and power generation. Learn about the current successes and challenges in bringing the technology to fruition.

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More glass-ceramic photocatalysts and lead-free pyroelectric materials

By Jonathon Foreman / July 16, 2019

Last month, studies by researcher Rahul Vaish on glass-ceramic photocatalysts were featured in CTT. Today, two more studies by Vaish published in ACerS journals are highlighted—one on antibacterial TiO2-based glass-ceramics, and one on lead-free pyroelectric materials.

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Cathodoluminescent lamps: A clean and energy-efficient complement to LEDs

By Lisa McDonald / July 12, 2019

Cathodoluminescent lamps offer a clean and energy-efficient alternative to incandescents and compact fluorescent bulbs. Now, researchers have created cathodoluminescent lamps using specially-designed carbon fiber bundles.

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Improving water splitting efficiency of tantalum nitride photocatalysts

By Lisa McDonald / June 25, 2019

To improve overall water splitting capability of tantalum nitride photocatalysts, researchers in Japan investigated which tantalum precursors and nitridation times increase efficiency.

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Fluoride strengthens both teeth and solar cells

By Lisa McDonald / June 4, 2019

Researchers in the Netherlands and China found adding fluoride to perovskite solar cells helps stabilize the material’s structure, much like fluoride in toothpaste protects tooth enamel from decay.

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Improving Li-ion battery safety—Oxide ceramic films could replace polymeric separators

By Lisa McDonald / May 31, 2019

Researchers from Donghua University in Shangai showed separators made from oxide ceramic films could improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries, which tend to catch on fire when their polymeric separators fail.

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Color-tunable gallium nitride LEDs may light the future

By April Gocha / May 24, 2019

By controlling the emission states of europium ions in doped gallium nitride, scientists found they can emit various colors of light from a single LED.

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Caffeine provides energy boost to humans and solar cells alike

By Lisa McDonald / May 7, 2019

Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that adding caffeine to perovskite solar cells stabilizes their power conversion efficiency, due to caffeine forming a “molecular lock” with lead ions in the solar cells.

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Direct-writing additive manufacturing of lead-free piezoelectric parts

By Jonathon Foreman / April 26, 2019

As additive manufacturing techniques become increasingly sophisticated, they offer a way to effectively construct specialized electronic devices. Two recent papers describe different direct-writing AM methods for constructing lead-free piezoelectric parts.

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Video: Transparent wood is not only see-through—it can store and release heat too!

By Lisa McDonald / April 10, 2019

By adding polyethylene glycol to delignified wood, researchers from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology created transparent wood that can store and release heat. They estimate this wood could be available for interior design purposes in as little as five years.

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