Video: Tonga builds its climate resilience

By Lisa McDonald / December 15, 2021

Pacific Island nations are among those most at risk from climate change. The Kingdom of Tonga is one Pacific Island nation that exemplifies the work being done in this region to build climate resilience.

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Access covers demonstrate potential of recycled glass–polymeric composite

By Lisa McDonald / November 16, 2021

Finding new applications for recycled glass brings the material ever closer to reaching its sustainable potential. Three researchers at RMIT University developed a process for creating glass–polymeric composites from recycled glass, which could be used for various building components such as access covers.

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A refreshing bonus of renewable energy—solar parks can cool surrounding land

By Lisa McDonald / October 26, 2021

Many questions remain about the impacts of solar parks on the environment. Researchers led by Lancaster University in the United Kingdom found that solar parks appear to have a cooling effect on the surrounding land surface.

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Video: Winged microchips may form the basis of future environmental monitoring systems

By Lisa McDonald / October 6, 2021

Most monitoring technologies involve bulk instrumentation to collect data locally at a small number of locations. An international team of researchers developed tiny winged microchips that could be deployed in bulk for environmental monitoring of a large area.

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Improving sustainability of wind turbine blades through fiber reclamation and new resin

By Lisa McDonald / September 14, 2021

Wind turbine blades are notoriously difficult to recycle due to the mixed nature of the blade material. Two companies are exploring different ways to improve lifecycle sustainability through glass fiber reclamation and developing a new resin for the blade.

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Fishy origins: Researchers derive calcium phosphate bioceramics from salmon fish bone wastes

By Lisa McDonald / September 7, 2021

Compared to other meats, fish remains a relatively underutilized waste source in rendering processes. An international team of researchers investigated the possibility of deriving calcium phosphate bioceramics from salmon fish bone wastes.

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Video: Green ceramics for sustainable housing development

By Lisa McDonald / September 1, 2021

Sustainable manufacturing is about more than just recycling—it involves rethinking the way we collect, process, and reuse materials as well. A university–industry partnership in Australia looks to develop apartments that are made primarily with green ceramics and other repurposed waste materials.

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Video: National Park Service celebrates 105 years

By Lisa McDonald / August 25, 2021

Today, August 25, is the 105th anniversary of the National Park Service. Learn about the history of this federal agency, the types of sites it manages, and how it is dealing with overcrowded parks this summer.

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Ashes to glasses—researchers turn coal and rice husk ashes into glass-ceramic materials

By Lisa McDonald / August 20, 2021

In Colombia, industrial wastes such as rice husk and coal ashes are disposed of in uncontrolled landfills, generating high environmental impact. Researchers in Colombia and Spain explored turning these ashes into glass-ceramic materials as a way to keep them out of landfills.

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Video: Sand sculpting reaches new heights

By Lisa McDonald / August 4, 2021

Sand sculpting is a quintessential beach day activity. Learn the science behind what makes sand stick together, see the tallest sandcastle ever built, and find out tips for designing your own sand sculpture.

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