Video: Celebrating World Oceans Day 2021

By Lisa McDonald / June 9, 2021

To celebrate World Oceans Day, which took place June 8, we’ve collected some of our recent CTTs on challenges and solutions related to the world ocean.

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Recovery of abrasive grains from grinding wheel waste

By Lisa McDonald / June 8, 2021

Grinding is a widely used machining process to smooth and shape parts, yet few studies have explored recovering abrasive grains from the rejected and spent grinding wheels. Sabarinathan Palaniyappan of SSN College of Engineering in India has published a number of papers with his supervisor V.E. Annamalai on this topic.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle: How the ceramics industry is growing greener

By Jonathon Foreman / May 11, 2021

Academic and industrial ceramic researchers alike are exploring ways to minimize waste and maximize reuse in ceramics manufacturing. Several articles published in International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology demonstrate the resulting ecological and economic benefits of these activities.

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3D-printed material offers elephant-friendly alternative for restoring ivory artifacts

By Lisa McDonald / April 30, 2021

Substitute materials are often used for restoring ivory artifacts because of the ethical implications surrounding the use of ivory. Researchers led by Vienna University of Technology and 3D printing company Cubicure GmbH developed a new material using stereolithography that they say can serve as an aesthetically and mechanically high-quality ivory substitute.

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Video: 3D print a home using local soil

By Lisa McDonald / April 28, 2021

Many companies creating 3D-printed homes rely on using concrete or synthetic materials like plastic, materials not always readily available in all parts of the world. In Italy, Mario Cucinella Architects and 3D printer manufacturer WASP are collaborating to design a 3D printing process for homes that uses local soil.

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Obstacles and opportunities to commercializing carbon capture and storage

By Lisa McDonald / April 27, 2021

Despite extensive support, the vast majority of projects that seek to commercialize carbon capture and storage technologies have ended in failure. Researchers led by the University of California, San Diego investigated the factors important to determining failure or success.

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Video: Recent Greenland election sets new course for rare earth mining operations

By Lisa McDonald / April 14, 2021

Greenland is at the center of many recent discussions on establishing new rare earth mining operations outside of China. Greenland’s election on April 6, however, gave a different party its first-ever chance to form a government, which will likely shape the island’s future mining decisions.

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Video: Ghanaians turn waste into art

By Lisa McDonald / March 31, 2021

Some countries that are significant importers of global waste do not have strong waste management infrastructures, which makes handling the waste difficult. In the absence of government programs, entrepreneurs have started their own initiatives to aid local communities in managing waste. Learn about two individuals in Ghana combating e-waste and glass waste, respectively.

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Video: Paper bottle prototype aims to reduce plastic waste

By Lisa McDonald / March 3, 2021

Glass and aluminum containers are among the most frequently discussed alternatives to plastic packaging—but they are not the only materials being considered. The Coca-Cola Company and Danish startup Paboco are aiming to develop a bottle that will be made entirely from paper.

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Ceramics for sustainable energy, plus more inside March 2021 ACerS Bulletin

By Lisa McDonald / February 18, 2021

The March 2021 issue of the ACerS Bulletin—featuring ceramic and glass materials for sustainable energy—is now available online. Plus—process modeling of a tunnel kiln.

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