Better method for detecting tile defects

By / September 10, 2008

Researchers at the University of the West of England say they have developed an automatic system for detecting surface defects invisible to the naked eye in ceramic tiles. Their system can detect pinholes, crazing, rough or dull glazes and other imperfections – even on tiles that are textured or feature relief patterns – the researchers say.…

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Fuel cell racers begin international competition

By / August 25, 2008

The Auto Channel reports that on Saturday, the first hydrogen-powered go-cart “Formula Zero” race was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Zero in the title of the race refers to zero emissions. The Aug. 23 race was the first of a planned championship series that seems as much designed to raise the profile of powerful…

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New “skin” to provide more human touch

By / August 24, 2008

Science Magazine has published research suggesting that Japanese scientists have developed a composite skin that is both stretchable and able to conduct electricity, leading researchers at the University of Tokyo to predict robotic applications covered with the material that can both feel heat and pressure. The problem they have been trying to address is that…

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