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Materials & Innovations

Magnonics, an alternative to conventional electronics

By Lisa McDonald / September 3, 2019

Magnonics, an emerging field of magnetism, could provide an alternative method of data manipulation to silicon electronics. Researchers from universities in Russia, the Netherlands, and Germany developed a superconducting/ferromagnetic material for magnonic applications.

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Lithium is not the (Li)mit—researchers produce all-solid-state sodium-ion battery

By Jonathon Foreman / August 27, 2019

To advance energy storage technologies, batteries made from materials other than lithium need to be developed and explored. Researchers from Nippon Electric Glass and Nagaoka University of Technology created one such battery—an all-solid-state sodium-ion battery.

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Video: (Don’t) hold the phone—radar sensors could replace touch-screen technology

By Lisa McDonald / August 7, 2019

Since 2015, Google has been developing radar sensors that will allow hands-free phone operation. Google plans to put the technology into practice with the release of the Pixel 4 this fall.

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Ceramic materials for 5G, plus more inside August 2019 ACerS Bulletin

By Lisa McDonald / July 25, 2019

The August 2019 issue of the ACerS Bulletin—featuring articles on the 5G network and annual materials review—is now available online.

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Cathodoluminescent lamps: A clean and energy-efficient complement to LEDs

By Lisa McDonald / July 12, 2019

Cathodoluminescent lamps offer a clean and energy-efficient alternative to incandescents and compact fluorescent bulbs. Now, researchers have created cathodoluminescent lamps using specially-designed carbon fiber bundles.

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Video: Transparent aluminum—from Star Trek to (almost) reality

By Lisa McDonald / July 10, 2019

First introduced in the 1986 Star Trek movie “The Voyage Home”, transparent aluminum is now (almost) reality. Learn how researchers are using transparent aluminum compounds to produce lighter, thinner armor.

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Video: 3D print a diamond composite

By Lisa McDonald / June 19, 2019

Diamond, the hardest of the common naturally occurring substances, is almost impossible to form into complex shapes. Engineering company Sandvik developed a 3D printing process for diamond composites that makes complex shapes possible.

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Optical fibers provide new twist on traditional 3D printing process

By Lisa McDonald / June 7, 2019

Researchers from Notre Dame, Missouri S&T, and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory developed a fused filament fabrication method that uses optical fibers as a feedstock. Their method could help create devices ideal for optical applications.

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Breakthroughs with boron nitride could enable more efficient electronics

By April Gocha / June 4, 2019

Recent research may enable integration of boron nitride into next-gen electronics. Researchers have proven boron nitride’s high thermal conductivity and integrated the material into a flexible yet efficient nanocomposite.

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Color-tunable gallium nitride LEDs may light the future

By April Gocha / May 24, 2019

By controlling the emission states of europium ions in doped gallium nitride, scientists found they can emit various colors of light from a single LED.

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