01-10 CGM Weekly premiere

Credit: ACerS

For people who choose New Year’s Resolutions, this year’s resolution is a big one—not only does it set a goal for the next year, it sets a goal for the start of a new decade! (If we go by popular parlance on numbering decades, anyway.)

For us at Ceramic Tech Today, we resolved to start the new year off with some changes to CTT. The first change was likely noticed by longtime CTT subscribers this week—we debuted a new, two-column format for the CTT newsletter to more readily provide you access to all that CTT offers.

The second change is that our weekly “Ceramic and glass business news” column, which traditionally published on Fridays, will now publish as its own newsletter on Mondays!

Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing Weekly will provide a weekly look at all the things taking place in the ceramics and glass industry, including

  • Plants, centers, and facilities
  • Acquisitions and collaborations
  • Market trends
  • New products
  • And more!

To sign up for C&GM Weekly, click here.

All current CTT subscribers will receive C&GM Weekly starting on Monday, Jan. 13. If you wish to only receive CTT, click “Manage your preferences” at the bottom of either newsletter and deselect your subscription to C&GM Weekly.

Beware! If you click “Opt out using TrueRemove” in either newsletter, you will be removed from both C&GM Weekly and CTT.

Click “Manage your preferences” at the bottom of CTT or C&GM Weekly to selectively opt-out from only one newsletter.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful 2020 so far, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday for the launch of C&GM Weekly!