Hi. Why are you looking at us? | The American Ceramic Society

Hi. Why are you looking at us?

As has become the annual tradition around some of the science blogs, we wonder at times what brings you here. So the brief questionnaire below is offered for your consideration because we like to know a little about our readers.

Yes, yes, we know this presents a conundrum. Most of you have absolutely no desire to leave a comment  – ever. But now we are going to kindly ask you to sit down, pop open a cold one and tell something about yourself in the comments section.

(You don’t have to answer all of them. Mix and match the questions as you please. However, we are especially fond of the first one.)

Who are you? (Scientist, philosopher, other? Student, parent, working stiff, blissful retiree? Given that personal identity is a matter of deep philosophical import, we are going to let you decide the right way to deal with this question.)

Have we met in real life? Before or after you first read the blog?

What brings you to this blog?

What’s likely to bring you back? What would be likely to drive you away? (Not that I want to drive any of you away!)

If you just read this blog, a.k.a. “lurk” (not meant pejoratively) rather than commenting, are you content with that? Are there conditions that you think might suck you into commenting?

What do you like reading around here?

Have you found any really dumb stories that still stick in your craw?

What topics would you like to see more of?

Is our current pace of a few posts a day adequate for your needs? Or would you be happier if we delivered more? Less?

Why does NASA keep getting the credit for aerogel?

Who deserves more credit for attracting attention away from the LeBron James brouhaha? Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson?