The full program of speakers for the Materials Genome Initiative Special at MS&T Session is now known. The session will be Monday, Oct. 17 from 2-3:30 pm.

Joining the previously announced keynote speaker, Cyrus Wadia, are Julie Christodoulou from the Office of Naval Research, and Steven McKnight and Ian Robertson from the National Science Foundation.

For background, see the White House announcement and the white paper (pdf).

Cyrus Wadia, Keynote speaker


Keynote address:

The National Materials Genome Initiative: A White House-Led Strategy on Advanced Materials Manufacturing
Cyrus Wadia

Wadia will discuss how the MGI will address the current long timeframes for incorporating advanced materials into practice by creating a new materials innovation infrastructure, driving achievement of national goals with advanced materials, and preparing the next-generation materials workforce. He will also describe interagency and White House roles in this multi-stakeholder effort.

Wadia is assistant director for Clean Energy and Materials Research and Development, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Julie Christodoulou, Office of Naval Research



Challenges and Opportunities Presented by the Materials Genome Initiative
Julie Christodoulou

Christodoulou will review how the MGI is the result of a series of efforts that have gradually moved materials science into the digital age, concurrently accelerating development and application of materials. She will also discuss the fundamental challenges that remain to be addressed. She will introduce research and engineering activities underway at the Department of Defense that will build and challenge the materials innovation infrastructure at the heart of MGI, while enabling national security goals to be met.

Christodoulou is director of the Naval Materials Division, Office of Naval Research.

Steven McKnight, National Science Foundation


Ian Robertson, National Science Foundation


National Science Foundation Perspective on the Materials Genome Initiative
Steven H. McKnight and Ian M. Robertson

The MGI recognizes the importance of materials science to the well-being and advancement of society and seeks to integrate all components in the materials continuum, including materials discovery, development, property optimization, systems design and optimization, certification, manufacturing and deployment, with each employing the toolset developed within the materials innovation infrastructure. In this broader context, the NSF anticipates several exciting basic research opportunities to realize the vision of the MGI. The complexity and challenge of activities addressed by this initiative will require a transformative approach to the discovery and development of new materials and optimization and/or prediction of properties of materials, as well as informing the design of material systems. Success in the initiative requires a collaborative, synergistic approach between theory, computation, and experiments. Computation will guide experiments and theory, while experiments and theory will advance computation. In this talk, these opportunities and challenges, as well as the role of NSF in the MGI, will be described.

McKnight is director of the Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation Division, Directorate for Engineering, at the NSF. Robertson is director, Division of Materials Research at NSF.

(Note: Talk summaries are courtesy of TMS.)