MS&T'14 abstract deadline is Monday, March 31! | The American Ceramic Society

MS&T’14 abstract deadline is Monday, March 31!


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Coffee break at MS&T’13. Credit: ACerS.

It almost feels like an April Fools joke, but the first quarter of 2014 ends next Monday.

Next Monday, March 31, is also the deadline for submitting abstracts to the Materials Science and Technology 2014 conference.

MS&T’14 is one of the largest technical conferences dedicated to the science and engineering of materials. A collaborative effort between The American Ceramic Society, ASM International, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, and The Association for Iron and Steel Technology, the conference draws an audience of more than 3,000 of the world’s premier materials scientists and engineers.

The point? Time flies quickly, and it will be October before you know it. Don’t miss this opportunity to submit your abstract and get your work in front of the world’s foremost materials science audience.

MS&T will be October 12–16 in the D.L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Below is a list of scheduled symposia related to ceramics. Of course, ceramics-related talks will fit into many of the other symposia that are being organized, too.

See you in October—only one-and-a-half quarters away!


• Bioinspired Materials Engineering

• Nanomechanics of Biomaterials

• Next Generation Biomaterials

• Surface Properties of Biomaterials V


Ceramic and Glass Materials

• Amorphous Materials: Common Issues within Science and Technology

• Ceramic Matrix Composites

• Computational Design of Ceramic Materials

• Glass and Optical Materials

• Innovative Processing and Synthesis of Ceramics, Glasses, and Composites

• Multifunctional Oxides

• Phase Transformations in Ceramics: the Present and the Future


Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Materials

• Advances in Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices

• Advances in High Temperature Dielectrics

• Advanced Spintronic Materials



• Energy Storage IV: Materials, Systems and Applications Symposium

• Materials Development for Nuclear Applications and Extreme Environments

• Materials Issues in Nuclear Waste Management in the 21st Century


Fundamentals & Characterization

• Boron, Boron Compounds, and Boron Nanomaterials: Structure, Properties, Processing, and Applications

• Interfaces, Grain Boundaries, and Surfaces from Atomistic and Macroscopic Approaches – Fundamental and Engineering Issues

• International Symposium on Defects, Transport, and Related Phenomena

• Role of Solidification Technology for Multifunctional Materials


Green Manufacturing and Sustainability

• Green Technologies for Materials Manufacturing and Processing VI

• Materials and Processes for CO2 Capture, Conversion and Sequestration


Materials-Environment Interactions

• Advanced Materials for Harsh Environments

• Thermal Protection Materials and Systems



• Controlled Synthesis, Processing, and Applications of Structural and Functional Nanomaterials

• Nanotechnology for Energy, Environment, Electronics, and Industry


Processing and Product Manufacturing

• Advanced Solution and Colloidal Processing for Ceramics

• Joining of Advanced and Specialty Materials (JASM XVI)

• Sintering and Related Powder Processing Science and Technologies


Surface Modification

• Surface Protection for Enhanced Materials Performance: Science, Technology, and Application


Special Topics

• Perspectives for Emerging Materials Professionals

• Rustum Roy Symposium on Processing and Performance of Materialsusing Microwaves, Electric and Magnetic Fields, Ultrasound, Lasers, and Mechanical Work

• Robert B. Sosman Award Symposium: Opportunities for Enhancement of Nanomechanical Properties of Materials

• Understanding the Engineering Design of Art Objects and Cultural Heritage